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Cant type @ symbol.

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    windows 8.1

    Cant type @ symbol.

    For the last 6 months my workstation stops producing the ' at' and other symbols. It takes about a half hour to hunt down the solution and apply it every time. This is incredibly annoying and wont stay fixed. I have windows 8.1 which is an English os but live in Holland. Any tips on how to finally knock this crap on the head would be really appreciated. Why does the system keep reverting? Jeeze.

    By the way, you guys have been really helpful in the past, your work is appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kanga View Post
    It takes about a half hour to hunt down the solution and apply it every time.
    Can you site some examples what these solutions were?
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    Hi MilesAhead.
    The most common one is changing regional settings: [Fix] Can That seems to work for a short time.

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    Are you only have problems with the At symbol and double quote? If so you could try a simple AutoHotkey script to substitute one for the other.

    Sendmode Input
    If you want to try it you can get AutoHotkey here:

    It is free and has a forum to help with getting your scripts to work.
    I haven't tested the one I posted but it should be fairly close.

    Edit: The way it works is the program sits in the tray and watches your keystrokes if you have a key and the hotkey symbol which is the double colon.

    The idea here is if you type '@' it puts out a double quote and vice versa. Since double quote is used in strings instead of just escaping it with the back tick as I have done you may need to put
    @::SendRaw "

    But people on the forum will help. AutoHotkey is nice to have because you can do a lot of cool things with a few lines of script. You can also wrap the interpreter into the exe(compile) so that it will run on systems that do not have AutoHotkey installed.
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    Wow that's sexy!!!

    Works fine, thanks for the advice. Like you say it looks like this tool is useful for a lot of tasks.
    For anyone else looking it takes a little while for the AutoHotkey entry to appear in the shell.

    Cheers and thanks again.
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    Windows 8.0 x64

    Glad it worked for you.

    Edit: If the Tray Icon does not show right away you may be able to correct it by opening the system tray Properties and checking the box "always show all icons and notifications."

    That is what I have. I make my taskbar triple height so I can fit plenty of tray icons and just let them all show.
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Cant type @ symbol.

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