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Botched Security Settings on System Recovery Partition

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    Your system does not run windows in a full expanded state, but rather a compressed state, by use the install.wim contained in the recovery partition.. The C drive only contains pointer files to the wim file
    That makes sense.. I saw the install.wim file on the recovery partition but (incorrectly) assumed it was simply a source file for a factory reset.

    Do you foresee me running into any issues doing a clean Windows 8.1 UEFI install, just minus the recovery partition this go-round? If that sounds like a viable option, I would not be opposed to giving it a go. That is to say, is there any possible reason the machine would have come configured this way from the manufacturer which would disallow a full expanded install? The goal, after all, is still to gain some extra space on the system disk.

    This has certainly been an interesting learning experience. I had never previously dabbled with Windows 8/8.1 so in-depth prior to this so I feel a bit out of my element

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    Quote Originally Posted by KYHI View Post
    also fyi > the recovery files are viewable by changing the folder attributes, after you assign the drive letter

    attrib -a -h -r -s R:\Recovery
    attrib -a -h -r -s R:\Images
    excellent, thanks so much for that bit of info!
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    the use of wimboot actually saved disk space - it is only used on small drives <32GB

    if you can - save the files on that recovery partition..

    I have a bootable iso below that will give you full access to your disk - format a 16GB usb stick NTFS and copy the ISO contents to the usb - boot from the usb
    then copy the recovery partition files to a new folder on the usb

    then clean install..

    edit > that install.wim was your windows - the C drive only has pointer files to it
    deleting that install.wim is just like deleting windows..

    edit edit > at first I thought it was a tablet and was SURPRISED to find out it was a 14" laptop with a 32GB drive
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    Windows 8.1, 64-bit (English)


    Okay, here is my current situation.. firstly, I made a backup of the Windows 8.1 install so I can revert back if needed but, I am currently working on getting a Windows 7 install fully (or at least mostly) operational. Biggest hiccup as of now is driver support.. HP unfortunately only provides drivers for Windows 8.1 64-bit, which are of course incompatible with Windows 7

    My plan is to use either a USB dongle wireless adapter or a USB to ethernet adapter (either of which ought to have Windows 7 drivers readily available for manual installation) to gain network connectivity on the notebook. From there, I will try some automatic driver detection programs and see if they are able to find any compatible drivers at all but WiFi is of utmost importance at the moment.. sound is functional out of the box with generic drivers, as is the touchpad. USB 3 does not currently work and screen brightness is not adjustable. bluetooth I don't use so I don't care about that whatsoever.

    As for space-saving, the Windows 7 install is looking beautiful! configured with the adjustments as follows to maximize free space on the system disk:

    1. hybernation is disabled (1.4GB saved)
    2. pagefile is disabled (1.7GB saved) - although I have been cautioned against this, I will test it out
    3. system protection is turned off on system disk

    Result: so far looking very good on breathing room!

    Click image for larger version

    Updates to follow regarding drivers.. if I am successful to any extent with those, I will create a guide on removing Windows 8.1 from HP Stream devices and replacing it with Windows 7 (for those who share my frustrations with the factory configuration)

    Until then...
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Botched Security Settings on System Recovery Partition

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