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How do I restore from backup Windows 7 DVD+R backup disks?

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    How do I restore from backup Windows 7 DVD+R backup disks?

    Hi everyone, I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 OS on my HP Pavilion p6330f desktop PC. Prior to installing the new Windows 8.1 tower, I copied and saved to DVD+R disks my documents, pictures, videos, etc. from Windows 7 OS. Then I tried to install them into my new Windows 8.1 OS only to discover that this new animal does not have backup and restore on Control Panel or anywhere on the Start screen. I hesitate at simply loading them up like DVDs and opening them. All I can find out is that I can use Windows Easy Transfer if I have either an external hard drive or USB port gadgets. I have neither but some of what I have saved to disks is Windows 7 Easy Transfer files and folders. So can anyone tell me how to accomplish this minor miracle w/o losing everything I have saved from my Windows 7 hard drive? Thanks a lot and have a nice Hall-o-we'en season. Hope to hear from someone soon- keimanzero

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    Backup & restore is there. Just hidden in 8.
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    Is it a secret, broe?

    If not, how about letting the rest of us in on the secret? I went over and over that blasted Start page and all I can find is Windows Easy Transfer. It looks like whoever the guy or lady was that designed Windows 8 OS is addicted to those old fashioned logic thinking video games like my fave from Atari's glory days- Raiders of the Lost Ark! Back then if you wanted hints, you wrote a letter to Hollywood! No easy to use PC's or emails. I had a Mattel Aquarius PC that used a TV set for its monitor and it kept files saved on cassette tapes. BTW, I still have that entire system up in the attic. In fact I have a Win 95, Win 98, Vista and Win 7 PC's from years past as well as 3 old Atari 2600 and 1500 consoles and 500 game cartridges for them. Oh and what kind of disks does Windows 8 (OK I have 8.1) use? Better stock up on 'em before the holidays I suppose, eh? Well, back to the drawing board while I seek that elusive backup and restore program. Later- keimanzero in Campbelltown PA
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How do I restore from backup Windows 7 DVD+R backup disks?

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