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Locked out of Computer / MSN account and network drivers?

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    Locked out of Computer / MSN account and network drivers?

    I'm working on a friend's computer who is a photographer. 1000 gbs of pictures on a win 8 machine.
    In the course of doing an automatic update, somehow her MSN password got screwed up. Easy enough to reset that. But on the login screen it shows that her computer is off line. Connecting it up to wireless or ethernet cable will tell you its connected, but there is still a red x by the the connection icon.

    So the reset of the password cannot get to the computer? We are stuck out of the machine. I talked to HP service desk and they recommend backup of the data and reset back to the defaults but backing up 1 TB of data is going to take a week.

    Is there a way to bypass the MSN signon? Is there a way to troubleshoot the network from the bios somehow? I'm running out of ideas.

    She has 3 driver (4 TB of space) set up in a Raid configuration. So pulling the drives and retrieving the data with an adapter is impossible.

    I would appreciate any ideas on how to get into this computer.

    Thank you


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    That's a tricky subject, Forum Rules - Please Read! 6) No discussions of hacking someones system, network, password, etc.

    I can unplug my network cable and still log on with my Live ID?
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    Let me clarify

    Let me clarify.

    I have total access to the MSN account. I have the ID and the password. I have reset the password. I can log into this account on my own computer.

    Normally this updated password would work on the computer in question, but in this case the computer cannot connect to the internet to get the updated password information. Old password is unknown.

    So we are locked out of a computer we own and have full control of the account that should unlock the computer.

    Another IS person suggested a USB to ethernet adapter to get the computer to hop online. Perhaps that would bypass the network drivers that aren't operational? Then the password would update and we could log in using the new password? I'm not sure how the computer would get a new password if you change it using another PC?

    I don't know how to trouble shoot the network connection on a computer I cannot log into.

    I realize, these two problems might be a perfect storm of issues.
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    At this point you need the old password. Didn't you need that to change the Live ID password? Changing your MSN password does not change your Live ID password by the way. Not as far as I know. I don't use MSN, but I do use a Live ID. I use my ISP provided e-mail address for my live ID but my Live ID password is different from my e-mail password.
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    One last try

    Yes. I have access to the Live ID, I'm using terms I'm unfamiliar with interchangeably
    Yes. I reset the password to the Live ID by using the old password to the Live ID.
    No. That old password doesn't let me into the computer either.

    At this point I'm wondering whether she has changed her Live ID several times while the computer was off-line

    The user tell me she has been using the same password for everything for years. She does not understand how the password got changed to something besides her standard password. Something she doesn't know.

    Hypothetically, if you disconnected your computer from the network, then changed your Live ID password, your computer should still work using the old password. Then when you plug your computer into the network, that password updates somehow and you can start using the new one. Does that change happen after you log in or before you log in?

    I'm sorry if I'm not conveying my meaning very well. I have a wedding photographer trying to get very important photos off a computer that she spent a lot of money on.
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    Ok, I just wanted to make sure you changed the right password on the right site. I have never changed my Live ID password. I don't know if it happens before or after log in? Remind her that she should have backed those pictures up to a second independent source. What type or RAID array is it and what drives are in the RAID array. If its a mirrored array you could likely just slave one of the drives in another PC and recover the data. If its a striped array that's not doable. If the drives with the pictures on them aren't in a RAID array you can slave them in another PC and recover the data. Maybe just the OS is RAIDED?
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    This issue has been resolved. Thanks for all the ideas. The solution turned out to be remarkably simple.
    Because of Forum rules I am not at liberty to discuss it.
    6) No discussions of hacking someones system, network, password, etc.
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    Thanks for posting back that you solved it.
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Locked out of Computer / MSN account and network drivers?

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