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The first of many times

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    The first of many times

    OK, I am brand new in here and will probably wear the site out by the time I am finished. After many years with Windows 7 ( A piece of cake to use) I have made the big move to windows 8 and am going around in circles.
    The first question is:

    A. Somehow I managed to unpin the desktop flag on the front page, how can I get it back?

    B. I seem to have lost the top section on my Internet home page. That is I can't see the address line and Favourites button etc.

    C. After having a play on my mates Windows 8, I decided I didn't like his e-mail set-up and installed Windows Live Mail which is working perfectly, but just need to increase the size of the font.........HOW

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    Hello Simmo, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    Hope this helps for the first two.

    A) Desktop - Restore Missing Tile on Windows 8 Start Screen

    B) You may have IE in full screen mode. Press F11 to see if that toggles it back.

    Full Screen F11 - Enable or Disable Auto-Hide
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    Thanks Brink, problem A and B solved, now I wait with baited breath for (C).
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    Try this ..

    Go here ..
    Click image for larger version

    Reading size ..
    Click image for larger version

    Compose size ..
    Click image for larger version
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    Thanks Daddy G, but no joy. I went through the routine several times but at the end it was different.

    After clicking FONT I get.
    Proportional Font
    Fixed width Font
    Font size

    Then I click Font Size and get,

    Then regardless of which size I click, nothing changes on my e-mail page.
    Maybe if my brain was 12 years, instead of 74 years it might work better.
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    WOW, I thought there would be a flood of suggestions to help me increase the size of the font on my Windows Live Mail. Just goes to show you that some things take time, and at 74 I give myself 10 minutes to 10 years, will I get some help or Kark it first.
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    What happens when you hold down the CTRL key and use the + or - keys on your number pad (or keyboard).
    Or alternatively, hold down the CTRL key and 'roll' the middle button on your mouse.

    Works for me (on Win 7 at least). I had no problem in being able to increase the font size for easy reading of my Windows Live Mail emails.
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    Thanks DaddyG, it worked perfectly. Another little trick for my note book. These forums and Google, sure do beat having a dictionary in the kitchen cupboard. YEEHAAAA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Young Simmo View Post
    Thanks DaddyG, it worked perfectly. Another little trick for my note book. These forums and Google, sure do beat having a dictionary in the kitchen cupboard. YEEHAAAA.
    Actually the Ctrl trick makes the actual e-mail larger font size, but I would also like to have the rest of the page with enlarged font as well.
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    OK, I managed to sort this one out myself by wandering and clicking all over the place.
    For the benefit of anybody else that wants to make things easier to see and read, this is how I got there.
    Some people my say ELEMENTERY, I say, not for an ancient old brain like mine.

    I went::
    Control Panel
    Optimise visual display
    Change size of text and Icons
    Then clicked 125%

    All over Red Rover.
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The first of many times

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