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How to remove default pinned taskbar icons in Windows 8.1?

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    I may very well use that technique.

    I have some time left to work on this, though. Are there any tools that can be run to see when, during first logon, that the icons are pinned? I am interested in knowing if the icon creation happens before or during the launch of Explorer.exe.

    If it occurs before, I could potentially kill off the icons then, and Explorer.exe wouldn't load them to begin with.

    If it happens during, that would seem to indicate that a flag tells Explorer.exe that this is the first logon for the user. In that case, I could possibly do one of two things:

    --Remove the flag before Explorer.exe runs (potentially undesirable, as Explorer.exe may be performing some other activities that need to be done for new users)

    --Make the pinned taskbar icon locations temporarily non-editable via reduced permissions. This may create problems, of course, like error messages.

    I am just trying to understand at which step in the logon process these icons are pinned in Windows 8.1 Update 1 to see if there is a better way to remove these icons.

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    So, I did two tests:

    1. I used the "Custom User Interface" group-policy setting to make it where Explorer.exe did not run at all when a new user logged in. Then, I logged the user out. I then checked the registry, and it did not appear that the "TaskBand" registry key had been created at all.

    2. I set Process Monitor to look for all events that contained either the word "TaskBand" or "TaskBar." Then, I logged into a new user account named test5. It would appear that Explorer.exe does indeed create the pinned icons:

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    So knowing that...I am not sure what to do with this new-found information.
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    The taskbar is part of the explorer process, so yeah no explorer no taskbar.

    I'd say just as a test to see what you think, create a backup of the taskbar, save the backup where you like, use the modified restore .bat file to restore the backup for that user like posted here.
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How to remove default pinned taskbar icons in Windows 8.1?

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