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Leaving XP Pro for Windows 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechnoMage View Post

    With much personal experience, I offer you this:

    Don't touch your XP machine! Keep it clean, with Good AV and AS software, and kept it up to date at least weekly.
    And DO backup all your data to a good external device, Flash Drive or Hard Drive.

    Have a new PC built that will support 8.1 (MS's latest and greatest OS) and once the OS is installed, immediately install "The Classic Shell", that will let you run 8.1 just like you did XP. I do that all the time for my old XP customers who have bought a new 8.1 PC. When I get done setting up their new PC, they hardly even know they are running a PC with Windows 8.1 on it.

    Windows 8.1 has a remarkable backward compatibility, built in. Not so with earlier OS's.

    As for the email program to mimic Outlook Express 6, Look for "Windows Mail". It ran just fine in Vista, but was disabled in 7, 8 and 8.1.....but all is not lost. It can be RE-Activated and runs like, O.E.6 or Steroids.

    Then your old Address Book can be imported into it and VOILA, it's just like running O.E.6 on your old XP PC.
    I'm not guessing here....I've done it and I love it, and so do my customers, used to running O.E.6.

    Also, if you have an old 16bit (DOS) program that you want/need to run, Win-8.1 will do that for you, by turning ON 16 bit compatibility.
    Here's my 8.1 Desktop, with The Classic Shell running and a 24 year old, 16 bit, game, running as well.

    No sheep jokes Please!

    I've been playing this old game since 1990, when I bought it on a 3.5" floppy disk. I'm so happy that I can still play it, on Windows 8.1.

    I think that how to re-activate Windows Mail, is available on the WWW, but if not and you want it, PM me and I'll try to help you with that.

    Cheers Mates!
    what did you need a start menu for when you have a desktop full of icons ,lol

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    what did you need a start menu for when you have a desktop full of icons ,lol
    That's nothing. A fellow on another board has a Taskbar with QuickLaunch that takes up 40% of the desktop. AutoHide is enabled I'm sure.
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    just like to ad in reference to photoshop 6 working in win8.1 not positive but i have ps 5 here somewhere and will seek it out tomorrow and give it a try for you .but i do have a old program (cool edit pro )from my winxp days that worked fine when i tried it .
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    Just a question, would Photoshop CS2 for free work for you? It's completely legal.
    Download Adobe Photoshop CS2 For Free Legally While You Still Can [Tutorial] | Redmond Pie
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    Windows 8.0 x64

    Also, the UI is a bit different, but I believe Gimp can use most PS Plugins and can do anything PS can do, for free.
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    Thanks for all this info....been reading through it and that's why it's taken some time. I sure appreciate it and appreciate the offer TechnoMage for question / answer offer on PM. I am making a note of it. As for Bells & Whistles MilesAhead, I like to work with a "basic" mindset. I keep desktop icons on my screen to access Photoshop 6.0 for instance....then in a hurry, click another desktop icon such as Chrome, to do a Google search and so on and so on. But having the ability to keep desktop icons visible is good enough for me and then go to my bottom tray and access the "My Documents" file to open and specific folders on my hard drive. I hope it's OK with the moderators to show what I do for my liveliehood here. I keep thousands of images in various formats across many categorized folders, to find specific toons. It took me about 13 months to build that site using was a learning experience along the way....I initially had built that same site using a Microsoft web editor called Frontpage2002.
    So after all that rebuilding was done, I promised myself, I'd get a new computer and get the newer most compatible operating system installed on it. So that's why I am here tossing around whether 7 or 8 will work for me and I believe 8.1 may be DB just mentioned. Either way, I just want to be able to access old invoices I built using MS Word, access old web sites I built using Microsoft's Frontpage 2002, Use Photoshop 6.0 and run a comparable email client to access my incoming email address emails (if you see my address on my contact form page). Hope it was OK to put my URL on here....some forums hate spam and don't blame them but just to show what I mean.
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    If the link is a nono Brink will delete it. So if it's gone later, that's what happened. With the introduction of GPT Windows 8 is more the system of the future in that GPT enables huge drives to be used. It just frosts me(pun intended) that I absorbed all that learning curve to use Glass in programs all so MS could just jettison it without comment. It will b interesting to see if enough people care about Glass that W9 brings it back in full form.

    Good luck with the new rig.
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    Welcome to Windows Eight Forums, Holywuh.

    First off, I should state that I'm a huge Windows 8.1 advocate along with the direction MS is taking with devices and services, so my advice may be biased, but will try and guide you in what's best for you and your business.

    Probably one thing you should do is visit your favorite computer store to take time to try different systems out. The UI of 8.x is quite different with a much higher learning curve than past OSs. Not to say it's impossible. It took me a few weeks to get comfortable with all the changes whereas I could cruise around in navigating. I and others here find it much more efficient.

    Most here would agree that 8 is a better system than 7 so far as using less system resources. 8 is running just as efficient (if not better) as 7 on my older Acer tower. 8 also has more added features as we expect just as with any "next OS".

    Economically 8 will have a longer service life than 7.

    So far as older software running on 8; As a businessman, I would upgrade all that as well. It's all a write off, correct?

    I'm running 8.1 on my Nokia Lumia 1520 also. Office on it along with other synching services and apps such as MS accounts, OneDrive, OneNote, and more sure has simplified my computing life. Therefore, there's more to 8 than I ever expected. Another device I'm looking to purchasing and you may want to consider if you desire to be more mobile:

    Buy the new 12-inch Surface Pro 3, the tablet that can replace your laptop. - Microsoft Store

    That along with the docking station I think is the cat's meow as Jimbo45 explains here:

    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 announcement

    The Mail, Calendar, Photos, and People (Contacts) apps included with 8 is now a must for me. They all work in conjunction with one another via Charms. Other Modern/Metro Store apps as well. That may be a little confusing to you at this point.

    Here's something from awhile back:

    The Real Quality Boot Time of 8 Verses 7

    Hope that helps you a little. Good luck and, again, welcome.
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    In all honesty I like 8, but don't like the frequent big updates. Way too fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odos270 View Post
    Just a question, would Photoshop CS2 for free work for you? It's completely legal.
    Download Adobe Photoshop CS2 For Free Legally While You Still Can [Tutorial] | Redmond Pie
    Cool, just downloaded it and will give it a try. Thanks for the tip.
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Leaving XP Pro for Windows 8

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