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Windows 8 all tiles, apps and programs have disappeared.

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    Win 8.1

    UPDATE: I found command prompt within the recovery menus and did the sfc/scannow prompt, it's replied with 'there is a system repair pending which requires a reboot to complete. Restart windows and run SFC again'. Shall I do it?

    UPDATE 2: Restarting did nothing, back to the Windows screen and my previous error.

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    This is a hybrid tablet form much like the Surface Pro, correct? I'm wondering if the graphics card overheated or something wrong with the driver. Can you get into Device Manager to see about the driver? Your Modern/Metro side is basically out, correct?

    Try DISM.
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    Win 8.1

    Yes mate, it is very much like the surface pro just made by Dell. I did check for the latest graphics driver and it had already been installed. I've gone and reset the tablet so I'll install the drivers and see how it goes but it isn't filling me with much confidence!

    What's DISM?
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    I'm hoping it's not hardware, for I see you are a long way from where you bought it I bet.

    DISM - Fixing Component Store Corruption in Windows 8
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    Win 8.1

    Haha yeah only about 3000 miles away!

    It wasn't just my Metro apps that were missing, my programs had disappeared from the desktop too. All that was left was recycle bin.
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    Upon second thought I'll bet you picked up a virus. What else could do so much damage?
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    Win 8.1

    Hello again all, sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead but I thought it needed an update.

    After installing Windows 8 again onto my tablet all was well for 3 days until it did the exact same thing (black screen, tiles missing, cannot log in) so after leaving it for a while because it was doing my head in I decided to have another crack at it.

    After installing Windows back in I decided to have a browse around the processes I noticed that there was a program running called RPCNETP.EXE, a little bit of digging later I found out that it's a Computrace module designed to stop people from stealing laptops etc. Computrace after a few days would initiate autochk.exe and that's when all Hell would break loose and mess my tablet up.

    So the only conclusion I have is that the tablet I bought is stolen. problem being is I bought it from a car boot sale so I have no way of tracing the bloke I bought it from and getting my money back. I only paid a £100 for it but now I am stuck with a tablet that keeps on wiping itself of data.

    Pretty pissed off about it as it looks like I can't get rid of Computrace as it's embedded in the BIOS, can't run the tablet legitimately as it keeps in wiping data and even worse is that I spent a good 15 minutes making sure the damn thing was working properly (connecting to the internet, sound, cameras, mic, etc). All that time the man selling it knew the thing was iffy.

    I'm living out in Turkey too so I have a nice expensive coaster for my tea, or maybe even a boomerang that doesn't come back.

    Buyer beware! If you're buying a second hand machine make sure there's no RPCNETP.EXE service running in Task Manager>Processes. If there is, question it and walk away.
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    Ugh, bad luck. I am wandering if there was a way to change BIOS, download original BIOS file and redo it same way it's done with desktops and normal laptops. That should start you with a clean slate.
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    Thanks for posting. Interesting problem and diagnosis. I heard of LoJack for pcs, but didn't know how it worked exactly.

    Hope you find your solution.
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    Win 8.1

    CountMike, that involves messing with it and to be honest I'd probably knacker something. Unless you're capable of doing it (hint hint).

    dperecky, no worries, I hope it comes of use to people out there who are looking at buying from the second-hand market. Fingers crossed I can find a solution too as when the tablet works it's brilliant.

    If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to let me know.
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Windows 8 all tiles, apps and programs have disappeared.

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