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Black screen with cursor past Windows 8.1 logo

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    Black screen with cursor past Windows 8.1 logo

    Hi everyone.

    Yesterday I wanted to install OS X Mavericks on my HDD. It requires a primary partition, so I decided to delete the 350 MB system reserved partition that Windows 8 automatically creates when you first install it.
    I read this guide, which explains how to transfer all the boot files from the system reserved partition to the partition where Windows is installed.
    I followed all the steps except for the last one. When it says to do a
    reagentc /enable
    I skipped it because when it first says to do
    reagentc /disable
    the output of the program was "reagentc was not enabled"(so why enable it if it was already disabled? Later I will understand that maybe this was the source of all future problems ).
    Then I rebooted and tried to delete that system partition from within Windows, but of course it prevented me from doing that.
    I booted gparted live and went on and deleted the partiton.

    Now Windows would not boot, and I did not have Windows 8.1 disc to make a system repair.
    So I put Windows 7 disc and it managed to put boot files back (it did not detect any windows installation but still managed to make Windows 8.1 boot).
    I forgot to say that I have another primary partition other than windows, and it's a /boot partition where GRUB2 is installed. So I booted in linux and reconfigured GRUB2 to make it boot my Windows partition (/dev/sda2) instead of the just deleted one (/dev/sda1).

    I rebooted and Windows started fine. Then I launched the Utility for creating and editing partitions, because I wanted to reduce the main Windows partition and make space for Mavericks. At this point Windows told me that the drive had problems and I had to do a chkdsk before resizing the partition.
    I rebooted, chkdsk finished and I got a Black Screen Of Death, which told me that there were some problems with the partition, but I could still press enter and go on. Here I had a one-element list like the one you get when you press F8 at boot time. The only entry was "Windows 8.1 Pro (Recovered)". I pressed enter, I went on and boot logo appeared. Then it gets stuck on a black screen, with the cursor and keyboard working: actually I can move the pointer and put my laptop in standby and so on. But no way Windows actually boots.

    I can say I have tried everything. I have now a Windows 8.1 USB install and I tried fixmbr, bootsect /nt60 c, bcdedit, and so on, but they failed. Automatic repair fails as well, and C:\Windows\System32\Logfiles\Srt\Srttrail.txt says that there are no errors (!). Refresh does not work.
    I run a
    chkdsk c /r /f
    but it says there are no bad clusters, and it ends with "failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50".
    Anyway, I can see all my files from the elevated command prompt I get with the USB with Windows 8.1 on it, so at least my files are safe.

    I know I wrote a lot and my english is terrible, but please, do you have any suggestion?
    Thank you

    EDIT(SOLVED): I formatted.
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Black screen with cursor past Windows 8.1 logo

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