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Losing Permission to the Registry entries.

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    Losing Permission to the Registry entries.

    I support an older piece of software(vb) and am running into a lot of issues on windows 8 not seen on windows 7.

    Our software installs some setting etc hkeylocalmachine >software>wow3264>our program>folders etc>>>

    One of the issues is some machines seem to randomly lose their data values or revert to an older value(for example a data folder will switch from the network to the default location. Another example is a license code being deemed expired. Often a perfectly valid license will no longer be valid. The user is prompted to enter a code. If I enter a new code it still says expired..
    The fix ive used which is annoying is running the program as admin and applying the license code- Normally if the user then opens the program as the user after this it will work but they will again lose the value.

    Always running as admin is not really a fix because then user cant see their printers or mapped drives in windows 8. And that is something I am not really supposed to support too often. They don't want me to be their tech support.

    I'm trying to grasp how this is happening, is it UAC? My guess is when the user installs it asks for admin, the users clicks ok and it installs. But then I dont understand why it works for a while and then quits.

    many thanks to any links or suggestions.

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    Have you tried granting full control to the registry under HKLM to users (that handles the serial)? That might allow them to save the serial key without administrator rights.

    Keep in mind though, most HKLM modifications usually need a system restart.

    When you run something under administrator it actually runs the program under your profile, this is why they do not see printers or anything personal to their account. if you need to grant administrator rights to make a change on their user profile, you have to invoke temporary administrator rights. To do this, you need to add the user to the administrator group in computer management. (Under Local user and groups, expand group folder and add user to administrator.) Once you give them temporary administrator they have to log out of the machine and log back in to apply.

    Now you should be able to make administrator changes under their profile, while not giving them admin forever.

    (to Access computer management, right click the start menu button in 8.1 or the bottom left corner in 8.)
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    The first thing that the software should never be doing. Is having to edit the registry every time the software is ran. Also the software should never ever be or need to be given administrator access rights. In order for it to properly be ran in Windows 8.

    Really I would say that if it ran fine in Windows 7. There is really no need at this point to even upgrade machines to Windows 8.x.x. If this software is being sold to customers. Just flat out tell them that at this point the software is not supported in Windows 8.x.x. Nor will your company give support to those who chose to run the software in Windows 8.x.x.

    Until the software is written or fixes made to allow the software to run in Windows 8.x.x. Make it that it is still only a Windows 7 sp1 software only.
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    Thank for the input- couple of things, software seems to run fine on most of our users(about 4k users)(customers machines) I did find that setting full permissions to the user on the registry entry works to fix the issue so far.
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    The problem with allowing users full permissions. Is that if the machine gets infected. The infection can run rampant.
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Losing Permission to the Registry entries.

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