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"Save As..." dialog window automatic fill/column-size

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    "Save As..." dialog window automatic fill/column-size

    This "Save As..." dialog window is mainly used to located files to import to a program.

    Here we have the default size:

    I want it to automatically fit all column size or have a preset of how large I want it to stretch by default:

    *notice the difference with the 2nd one where there is no scroll bar. So everything's in view.

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    I am not sure if I am understanding your post, but, if I wish to see the whole window, without a scroll bar in the "save as" dialogue(cant think of a reason why I would need that), I use the small magnification facility at the bottom of the right side of the window

    Click image for larger version
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    keyword: "by default"

    I understand that 'method' but it never is by default how large I like it to be. That way it I don't have to manually re-size it every time.
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    My deepest apologies. On my computer, the pictures were too blurred to distinguish how you had made either pictures. It was just an innocent suggestion.
    By default, I do not have a scroll bar on my "save as" dialogue.
    Forget it, I see now you are referring to the Navigational scroll bar.
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    W8.1, W7

    Try this: open the 'save as' dialog, resize\configure as needed, then exit the dialog (X). It then reverts to the last set size\configuration at next 'save as'. Settings saved on exit are specific to every program.

    Won't give a general preset, but saves a configuration as a preset at next use of any particular program. That's how it behaves here on any w8's I've got or used. Good luck.
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"Save As..." dialog window automatic fill/column-size

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