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Synchronize windows time with internet time server.

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    Windows 8

    Synchronize windows time with internet time server.

    I was trying to sync Windows time with Internet timer Server. I was following this tutorial : Time Synchronization - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

    For the first option, I couldn't couldn't find the necessary options.Click image for larger version

    For the second option, I've already set my settings right. Click image for larger version
    But, still my windows 8 time was showing wrong.

    I had to change my BIOS time to make the necessary change to Windows time.

    So, what happened here. Can windows 8 override BIOS time? or How can I set Windows time to Internet time server even if my BIOS time is wrong.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Yes the OS can override the BIOS time. It uses UTC to update. Check your time zone in Date & Time tab, to see if that is why your time is off.
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    Windows 8

    Click image for larger version
    Yes, I tried to fix it that way. Time zone was correct before the BIOS time fix.
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    is the bios loosing the correct time ,if so it could be a bios battery issue
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    Windows 8

    Yes, I suspected that. I am on Laptop(Lenovo Ideapad Y500) I am not very happy with it and it could be a hardware problem. This happened twice when I used recovery dvd to restore my laptop to factory default.
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Synchronize windows time with internet time server.

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