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File List Organized Counterintuitively. Folders on Bottom

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    File List Organized Counterintuitively. Folders on Bottom

    I recently purchased a new computer equipped with Windows 8.1. It has a different way to show files and folders than every previous Windows OS I have worked with in the past. I use a lot of folders and have thousands of files. In the past, folders were always on top no matter how I organized it, which made it easy to go through several folders in order to find the document I need. In Windows 8 it's different.

    When I organize in Details by date modified, newest to oldest, I want folders to be on top. Right now, folders are ALWAYS at the bottom. The only way to get folders on the top is if I organize oldest to newest. It's the same thing if I organize alphabetically. If it's ascending A-Z, folders are on the bottom. If it's descending Z-A, folders are on the top. This makes no sense to me and is not intuitive. Why would I only want folders at the top if I'm going counter-alphabetically or oldest to newest?

    It means that I ALWAYS have to scroll in order to find the most recent folder I've used, even if I sort by date modified. That's a tremendous hassle when working with dozens of folders. Even when the folders are on the top of the screen, they're only on top if I've organized Z-A or Oldest to Newest. Which means that if I need to find a folder that starts with A, I either have to organize it A-Z and then scroll all the way down to get to the folders, or I have to organize it Z-A and STILL scroll down because the folders on top start with Z.

    Please let me know if there is a way to go back to the previous method, and if not why Windows would change it to such a counterintuitive model. Thanks for your help. This is an unusually frustrating problem for me since I work with hundreds of documents daily - I know for most people this probably isn't a big deal.

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    When you want to sort by names, just click the header to change the arrow direction. I have a couple of FTP shares, that on average have over 50,000 files in them. I found just sorting by date, then clicking on the header to sort depending on Ascending or Descending helps me.
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    You may need to use a file manager such as FreeCommander where the sort settings for folders are adjustable.
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File List Organized Counterintuitively. Folders on Bottom

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