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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
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    Let's keep this friendly and on topic.

    Good point, folks are getting a bit hot under the collar over this.

    For me as an individual to change to Apple would cost more than a few $$$'s simply to stand still performance wise with the Win7 rig I've already got. No one is forcing anyone to change to Win8. If you've already got a perfectly good Win7 or Vista PC setup and working as you want it to then stay with it. I know more than one person who owns an Apple and things are not as rosy as they are made out. Visit some of the Apple forums and you'll see what I mean.

    I wish MS hadn't called Win8, well Win8. Maybe MS Metro or Windows Metro. Clearly it is not for conventional laptop/desktop use unless you are prepared to compromise how you work. It is designed primarily IMO for phones and tablets. There are apparent speed improvements but I haven't experienced them but I guess it all depends on what hardware you are running. So unless there is a radical last minute change by MS I will not be 'upgrading' if that's what it's going to be called.

    I hope though Win8 is a success in the market - phones and tablets as it's about time the fruit company had some real competition. MS would do well to concentrate on this alone and leave the laptop/desktop market to continue developing with Win7. Introduce some of the Win8 speed improvements (if possible) into Win7 via a service pack release. We can all then stay happy campers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
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    Let's keep this friendly and on topic.

    You won't hear any objections from me on that! As I said from the start there will be a ton of mixed opinions about 8!

    As far as the Metro UI itself that's only one part of the next version to begin with. Most simply want some option or method of disabling that part of it and simply go with 3rd party tools like Start Menu 7 or Classic Shell as the workaround to get past the gui change(unpopular no doubt!).

    I think the two of us each on our own have been looking at other things and finding out that something still isn't right! MS has spent too much time pushing the Metro and Metro Apps but is slipping up on the essentials! The term "buggy" seems to fit best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by killericarus View Post
    To be correct yes the term bootcamp applies to running windows software on mac hardware but I gues you never knew what a hackintosh is then either? Lol costly its free as a bird and illegal like um as long as you buy it no its not illegial at all
    1) it's illegal to run osx on non-apple computers (but possible), 2) osx supports very little hardware, so it's like 99,666% that it will not support your new pc or laptop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by startas View Post
    1) it's illegal to run osx on non-apple computers (but possible), 2) osx supports very little hardware, so it's like 99,666% that it will not support your new pc or laptop.

    Utter rubbish, you show me the country that passed a law making it illegal to run OSX on a non-apple computer, it is however against apples licensing agreement which is where I think you are getting confused.
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    Didn't Apple set the lawyers on the Mac cloners (and crush them)?

    Apple vs Pystar
    On December 15, 2009, the judge in the California action issued a permanent injunction barring Psystar from manufacturing, distributing, or assisting anyone with any sort of device or technology "that is primarily designed or produced for the purpose of circumventing a technological measure". The ruling applies to all current and future versions of Mac OS X and Judge Alsup made it clear that "Psystar will be selling Rebel EFI at its peril, and risks finding itself held in contempt if its new venture falls within the scope of the injunction." The ruling also requires Psystar to destroy all of its equipment and material that it used in the circumvention of Apple technologies by December 31.
    Psystar Corporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Valve's Newell: Windows 8 "catastrophe" driving Valve to embrace Linux

    Valve's Newell: Windows 8 "catastrophe" driving Valve to embrace Linux

    Valve head—and one-time Microsoft employee—Gabe Newell has branded Windows 8 "a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space" at videogame conference Casual Connect in Seattle. The Valve boss continued, saying that in the fallout from Windows 8, "we'll lose some of the top-tier PC/OEMs, who will exit the market. I think margins will be destroyed for a bunch of people." Newell criticised Windows 8 while talking about the future of the gaming industry, and you can read everything he said at VentureBeat.

    He argued that one of the last remaining things keeping people away from Linux was the lack of games. Valve is working to bring Left 4 Dead 2 and other Steam titles to Linux in a move that Newell describes as "a hedging strategy." If his predictions about Windows 8 come true, he says "it will be good to have alternatives to hedge against that eventuality."

    Full article at:
    Valve’s Newell: Windows 8 “catastrophe” driving Valve to embrace Linux | Ars Technica
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    ^ Even as a linux fan and everyday linux admin, I don't forsee windows 8 being the thing that pushes gamers over to Linux. I don't honestly see any reason why games aren't going to run well under Windows 8, they will just do so on the classic most other apps.
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    Sounds like he is taken a cheap shot at Win8 to promote his games on Linux!

    I looked at Linux & tried it but "No Thanks" it is trying to be everything for everybody!

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    He doesn't seem to be talking about whether games will run on Win8.

    His concern is the implemetation, leading to the reduction of desktop pc's- and the nature of MS app. store.
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    Agreed! He seems to be addressing the potentials for the sales of new 8 machines thus effecting overall sales of existing plus new game titles. Most are likely to be appauled by the way 8 has been introduced as well as the not so user friendly changes made just to bring Metro and touchscreen as the absolute new gui for desktop as well as portables like Tablet PC, Windows Phone, etc.

    Despite all that it would be something to see having something like Steam on another OS for a change rather then the other OS only able to carry the "Geek's OS" label. For the most part not so many will be rushing at the next version following the success 7 has seen to start with.

    While the core elements would be bound to be seeing improvements the initial experience by most is an automatic turnoff as far as the pre-retail releases have been so far. The one thing is certain however that this will prove to be the version that you either love or hate with a passion due the way MS trashed the destkop operatiion side of things.

    Hidden side bar to find not only the Settings and Apps but also Power options button for the shutdown options. Having fun looking for the Control Panel now seen as a right click menu right where the Start screen popup is throwing everyone off. The need to bring up the Start screen constantly going back and forth to that without any 3rd party app added on for Start>Programs, etc are the tasks making 8 a rough experience for many and a sloppy way of introducing a new gui!

    That very much sums up what is being pointed at by Gabe Newell as well as the critism's seen with blog writer's.
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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

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