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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

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    Why didn't they just retain the start bar on the desktop view, essentially making Windows 8 = Windows 7 + Metro. It would have made life infinitely easier.

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    Making things easier has never been the goal at Microsoft. They just add layers over layers of complications. It was already enough complicated for the average user to manage, tide up and use efficiently a Desktop. Now they will have to cope with a Desktop and a Start Screen. + you have the Metro apps working in a separate environement. Now you have softwares which are not working in framed windows. Full-screen only like old DOS softwares. That's crazy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BarnabasSackett View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by area 66 View Post
    the PC will be extinct, like the typewriter and the vacuum tube.
    Got news for you, neither the typewriter nor the vacuum tube are extinct. Both are still around. There are applications for both and it doesn't seem likely that either will vanish entirely in our lifetimes.

    People said that mainframes would disappear too with the advent of the PC but, guess what, they are still out there.

    As a professional writer, I would rather go back to pen and paper than try to write an article on an iPad, even with one of those crappy half sized keyboards.
    Love it! Now you see why when someone expected me to keep answering to texts on a phone I told that source I prefer WLM or Skype over texting on the Stupid key pad a cell phone offers! Likewise "I" things may be hip with a younger crowd but not suitable for someone trying to do any serious work on pc!

    The pc won't be extinct since a working desktop OS will always be in need even if MS abandons the idea completely where someone else will come in to fill the gap left behind. But seeing the RT OS from the new line of MS Tablet products imposed as the new desktop edition doesn' surfice the needs of any productive workstation by any means.

    Someone from a private school was inquiring on how to cut the MS Apps crap out of the MS Store section as well as the Start screen to limit things as far as the school's own apps for students since MS left no options for making changes in the store area and I simply had to explain the right click to unpin to get rid of the larger Apps buttons from the Start.

    Regardless of how you feel about 8 for many this version will simply be too awkward regardless of how fast you find your way around! Those extra steps for each little thing will become a bit tiresome fast for those that are accustomed to having everything they need wrapped right up in the Start menu>Programs menu including the Control Panel. You can sure the 3rd party addons will be a popular thing for the too be not popular version of Windows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BarnabasSackett View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by area 66 View Post
    the PC will be extinct, like the typewriter and the vacuum tube.
    Got news for you, neither the typewriter nor the vacuum tube are extinct. Both are still around.
    like if I don't know .... I just build a Tube amplifier last month , it's an expression, unless you are audiophile, you will not see vacuum tube too much around.
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    Windows 8 Is a Desktop Disaster

    I sat staring at the screen, my emotions lodged somewhere between dumbfounded and despondent. From what I was seeing, I knew I'd made a horrific mistake, and restitution must be made immediately. I'd been told time and time again there was no going back; what's done is done, you have to accept it, there's no living in the past. But a violation this total demanded from me only one response.
    I had to uninstall Windows 8, and I had to do it immediately.

    Windows 8 Is a Desktop Disaster | Matthew Murray |
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    I must say I really love Windows 8. I have used every windows since 98 and I really like the new windows. It's not the same old desktop view that has been around since 98. You can play around with Metro or you can switch to the desktop view with ease. I spend 90% of my time on desktop, but playing with metro is just plain fun. I have a android phone, Ipad 2 and I love the new interface. I spend so much time on my ipad now adays it feels weird when I use windows 7. Some people may not like metro, but with the sales numbers of ipads and androids these days MS needed to make the desktop fun again for people and the younger crowd. Sure the app store leaves a lot to be desired for now, mainly better apps, apps from the major sites and better navigation to name a few things that it is lacking. But the nice thing is you do not have to use it if you do not want to. I see way to many people getting mad about metro, and I just want to say um you know you can go back to the desktop right, just click the tile that says desktop or win + D. I miss the start button to, but you can get around that easily enough. People need to realize this is how it is, you can either adapt or you can stay on win 7. But if you are trying windows 8 for the first time you need to fully embrace it, do not go in thinking this is windows 7.5 because it is not. This is windows for the next generation like it or not and it is here to stay on the home pc front at least.
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    Microsoft is heading the right way.
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    I feel a good desktop OS should be functional and not get in the users way. The OS should not be a playground but a way to quickly get to the programs the user needs. Windows 8 fails in this while Windows 7 does an excellent job. When Microsoft realizes they should not be selling a dumbed down OS for the desktop that was designed for a tablet then I will purchase that OS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pmtechguy1999
    you can either adapt or you can stay on win 7
    Exactely. Smart poeple adapt by downloading hacks to restore the normal Start Menu and disable Metro.
    Of course there are always poeple who don't know they can do it, who don't know they can change things, like completely change of file explorer or internet browser. There will be poeple who will not knw (not immediately) that they can bypass Metro. Like some poeple still don;t know that you can bypass Google to find Facebook (by adding it to the favorites). LOL!
    Quote Originally Posted by pmtechguy1999
    But the nice thing is you do not have to use it if you do not want to.
    Yeah, definetly! How nice from MS to give us the option to look for an unofficial hack to get the options we want. LOL.
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    I can't wait until Microsoft eventually updates 8 and all these hacks mysteriously stop working. The Start menu was removed and replaced for a reason.
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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

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