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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Lonewolf View Post
    I'm just curious as to why Microsoft is cutting their own throat? The biggest purchaser(s) of Windows is their corporate customers (businesses). They WON'T be using fancy touchscreens in a business environment, so I see a ton of lost revenue for Microsoft out the door when said businesses decide to move from Windows 7. Secondly as I read this forum on a daily basis I can see that the consumer end of purchasers won't be buying it either, will be a Windows XP debacle and like with Windows XP, users will be staying with Windows 7.
    They aren't cutting their own throats, they know that OS adoption at the enterprise level is slow, their main target for W8 is consumers. There's a reason why so many companies are still migrating from XP to 7 so any adoption into W8 is not in the near future. Also there would be no lost revenue because Microsoft will make their money whether they stick with 7 or move to 8.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulGo View Post
    RIM, Kodak and many other companies had dominant positionsv but were unable to understand the users needs which caused them to fail. I really don't think Microsoft is meeting the needs of a desktop user with this interface. They are just in a panic mode.
    RIM and Kodak failed because they were too slow to adopt technology. RIM has yet to put a decent smartphone out and Kodak took forever to get into digitial imaging and fell behind quickly. Microsoft also got in late but at least they made the move.

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    We'll see in the long run how things go once 8 is out for a period of time. Watching the rumor mills at this time is still a bit premature however as far as guess work on whether 8 will top or flop! One blog writer summed things up nicely in saying that MS was taking a big gambit with 8.

    I think we all have come to realize the slow to adapt trend that will follow due to how MS is bringing in the drastic gui changes and how most will react initially. Where MS fails is not from bringing in changes but not allowing any options for the user base.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Night Hawk View Post
    I think we all have come to realize the slow to adapt trend that will follow due to how MS is bringing in the drastic gui changes and how most will react initially. Where MS fails is not from bringing in changes but not allowing any options for the user base.
    IMO, the reasons for slow adoption of new operating systems are:
    • Broken software
    • Hardware requirements
    • Retraining

    IMO, upgrading would be a "no brainer", if W8 was W7 with:
    • Improved security & speed
    • Reduced resource footprint
    • No retraining required

    IT managers would be saying to the "bean counters", "Forget about upgrading to W7. We should upgrade to W8."
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    Broken software is the general rule why most businesses are found to be hesitant about upgrading the OS every few years. The softwares developed for them may not be compatible as well as all of the other office wares requiring a newer version. Then of course the retraining for a newer OS being implimented can easily get in the way.

    As far as hardware requirements we saw where MS made the biggest goof with Vista by understating the actual minimum requirements needed particularly as far as 2gb for the 32bit and 2.5gb for the 64bit flavors there. The larger newer version also sadly lacked the extend of backward compatibility for XP programs later found to run on the 32bit 7!

    The MinWin development going even further would be the lighter footprint 7 initially brought in being improved on as well as MS now deciding to include a working av program that lies dormant while any other software is on. That was a step they could have seen in 7 but held off for the next to come when the original Windows Defender proved to be nothing more then a title for something that simply didn't work.

    The improvement as far as speed however is mainly due to the one registry tweak seen with the WaitToKillServices value being lowered down from what was default in 7 which in turn was lowered down from the same higher value seen with the two previous versions of XP and Vista. That effects shutdown not startup boot time however. A lighter footprint as far as bootloader would be the key note. "Trimming the Fat" would be another way to look at stripping things out of the loading process as the gui loads into ram.
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    Not that dumb, but some controls are not easy to find..

    That's the problem for me
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    Yeah, lack of start button or ability to add one back without 3rd party is a huge complaint....and a very understandable one at that.
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    Okay, I haven't read through this thread, so sorry if this is repeat.

    Why was Vista a flop? Was it because it was a bad OS? No. It was because of hardware problems. It was more demanding and resource hogging than old 2K and XP. Run Vista on decent hardware, and it was a pretty good OS. Now, why does 8 have the chance to be a flop? Because of Metro. IMO, I think some people don't like it because it is CHANGE. A lot of people don't like change, and that's why people hate it. Now, yes, 8 is built for a touch screen monitor, but it is a decent OS on a regular monitor and mouse and keyboard system. 8 is fast, and stable, and if you give consumers the option to disable Metro, it will do FAR better than if you don't.

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    I understand that microsoft is trying to pull customers to its windows mobile OS , nothing wrong with it as long as they give an option to turn metro off for those who don't want to use it, and also bring the eyecandy of windows explorer back.
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    I like change. Most people do. That is why they buy new things - that is why we all have mobile phones. That is why "New" is often plastered all over packaging for all kinds of products.

    I don't like win8.
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    The more I use it (my guest system) the more broken it gets. IE 10 is unusable over the long term, too many web sites broken, had to install FF. I generally know how to unbreak websites while maintaining security on IE too, but it's gotten even harder now. For me to have to install FF is yet another major black mark for Win 8.

    And I'm not talking about the completely unusable Metro IE10, this is with the desktop version, the masses will have even less luck.
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This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

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