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Windows 8.1 display issue

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    Windows 8.1 display issue

    Just a few days ago, I was notified that my computer was able to install windows 8.1, so I decided to go through with the installation process. It was relatively quick and easy, but now I have a bit of a problem. My laptop screen will randomly go crazy. When I say it goes crazy, it doesn't shut off or anything, but all of the colors go away and it turns black and white with lines running both vertically in certain areas, and horizontally in others.

    I can still manage to see the majority of the screen through the lines, but it certainly isn't easy to use. If I had to compare the issue to something just as a point of reference, I would say the lines are similar to static on a TV. The only difference is that I can see the majority of the screen still, just not very well. A screenshot doesn't manage to capture the issue. It captures what the screen SHOULD look like.

    I didn't notice this issue until I upgraded to windows 8.1. Windows 8 worked perfectly fine, and my laptop hasn't been damaged in any way. I updated my display drivers and it seemed to fix the issue if only for a little bit, and then the issue reoccurred today. It went away on its own though shortly after it happened. Normally a restart fixes the issue. Is this a problem with windows 8.1 or with my laptop? It's not very old at all (maybe a year or 2) and it has never been damaged.

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    I would try setting power options to High Performance profile. Make sure adaptive brightness(if available) is disabled. Set screen dim time out to Never. Set display time out to Never. Also disable your screen saver if one is active. See if the symptom recurs.
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    As far as I'm aware, most of these settings were already set the way you've suggested, with the exception of the power options, which I have changed to run in High Performance mode.
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    did you go to laptop makers website to get the updated video drivers ,if no, give it a try,maybe they have drivers for win8.1,or at lest win8
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Windows 8.1 display issue

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