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What you want to see in the Consumer Preview of Windows 8

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    Am I int the right place?
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    there should be a taskbar objects with non rounded corners, those tiny simple extras...
    or the taskbar should have everything it has now, but it should look a little more like metro.
    ("metro" is a really odd name for the UI, because it means subway on some languages...)

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    I really want to see the Aero interface mesh together with Metro. Metero?

    Like for example, on the Desktop View, when you minimize a window, the animation isn't like the Aero interface where it wooshes down, but something metro-y.

    And metro glass in Desktop! The Zune Software has this awesome black song list menu that is a transparent black. I think Windows 8 should have that identical transparency for the glass, that would be pretty cool.

    And interface wide themes. Like, a pretty cool tile pattern on the Start Screen with a color, say red and in Desktop it has the typical wallpaper and the window color and taskbar is red. So I one were to go to Personalization, they could change the red to blue or black or whitish and that would reflect also on the Start Screen.

    I want to see Microsoft move away from the dark, icky colors that they're using, it reminds me of Windows 2000. They need to combine color gradients or pictures or whatever. Just, make it seem a little less retro and more metro: Modern, Vibrant, and Simple.
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    I want to see the Start flag.
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    I want sound/voice activated programs and menus.
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    The Start flag. I'd never think I would ever want to request this, but I request this.

    I want to see it remain pinned and built into the Taskbar on the Desktop and I want to see it on the boot screen if you see one.
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    Just wanted to add another note about Instant Viewer.

    I have a MadCatz MOUSE 9, and the software config also allows this Instant Viewer thing to happen. I figure it in fact may be a software specific thing, but since MS mouses and MadCatz mouses support the same function, I wonder if perhaps it is a shared DLL? I know one of the earlier versions of Windows (can't remember which one) the Picture and Fax Viewer actually used a syntax that employed RUNDLL32.EXE and was not straight forward at all.

    Is there a way to discover such things with monitoring software as opposed to find them by pure chance??

    If there is a single command to invoke Instant Viewer I'd sure like to know it so I can assign it to a hotkey
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Ismail View Post
    My wild imagination is that if the price of touch screen monitors are as cheap as the conventional.
    Then I won't have much objection to whatever MS makes to its Windows version.
    Touch screen may be fine for those who still have pretty good vision. However, for those of us who have had to endure cataracts until the guv'ment decides Medicare will pay, and then after the surgery, the need for corrective lenses, my monitor must be placed a little more than arm's length from my face. Not very conducive to touch. And besides, I don't want greasy fingerprints on my monitor! Ugh!

    At lease, though, Microsoft gave us an option for either/or. One of the few options, I might add.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcRat View Post
    Thanks for that. I guess MadCatz made a clone for their software. I actually did search I swear! Just didn't think of it as an MS Mouse software exclusive.

    Now that I think of it, I think I did come across that specific thread in my searches, but still I wasn't aware that it was a software specific thing (cloned by other mouse makers). My goal was to try and get the functionality without needing to run an extra process. I guess I'll need to run an extra process after all (or I'll just use CTRL + ALT + TAB)

    Thanks again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    The Start flag. I'd never think I would ever want to request this, but I request this.

    I want to see it remain pinned and built into the Taskbar on the Desktop and I want to see it on the boot screen if you see one.
    Lol! Lookie here. Someone revived an "old bones" of a thread started by Cokie.

    It looks as though he finally got his wish with the "start flag" on the taskbar in 8.1.

    A man of vision he was! And he was even smart enough not to call it a button > Buttons are round.

    "Start Flag". I like that much better.

    Miss you Cokie!
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What you want to see in the Consumer Preview of Windows 8

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