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    Quote Originally Posted by hotrippr View Post
    Worked for me, thanks. Do you think this had anything to do with disabling indexing for those of us who did so with SSD drives? I noticed my other PC which has a regular hard disk does not have this quirk, maybe because I never F-d around with its indexing?
    In honest truth I have no idea lol!

    I just have good old standard hard drives, no SSD.

    Thing was I tried playing around with the indexing, I removed the entire index, chose different folders and rebuilt it but I still had the problem. The solution I came across was the only thing that worked... I have no idea why, I am just glad it did

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    Necroposting and repeat posting but I think it's worth it ...

    I too had unreasonably slow Windows Search in Windows 8.1. For me the solution was to delete


    I noticed that this file's description said it contained recovered file fragments so I just nuked it as an experiment. It worked! I guess if the search index gets corrupted then it goes and finds the corruptions and recovers them to this file. And then doesn't use them very intelligently, evidently. Humph. When I deleted mine it was only 8 Kb (yes, Kb, not Mb!) but once it was gone, indexing was free to run at its old accustomed normal speed. Rebuilding the entire index also generally solves the problem, but that can take hours and you lose indexing capacity in the meantime.

    Might work for you, give it a try. Moving the file to the Recycle Bin was sufficient, so you can always restore it to its original location if the trick doesn't work.
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