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Windows 8.1 seems to change the way 'My Documents' works

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    Sunnyvale, CA USA
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center (64-bit)

    Windows 8.1 seems to change the way 'My Documents' works

    Windows 8.1 seems to have changed the way user shell folders get accessed.

    In Windows 7 I 'Located' my documents folder to 'J:\My Documents' - a separate physical drive.
    I upgraded to Windows 8 with no problem, and I see references to files in the registry like this below:

    Windows 8

    "File4"="J:\\My Documents\\Native Instruments\\Reaktor5\\Library\\Ensembles\\My Ensembles\\Mash-ups\\jiTTer v2+Sonitarium+Ryuchi+TT02samp.ens"

    That was extracted from the last registry I saved in Windows 8.

    After the 8.1 upgrade (Windows 8 Pro with Media Center -> Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center) I see this:

    Windows 8.1

    "File5"="C:\\Users\\Jim\\Documents\\My Documents\\Native Instruments\\Reaktor5\\Library\\Ensembles\\My Ensembles\\Mash-ups\\jiTTer v2+Sonitarium+Ryuchi+TT02samp.ens"

    The problem is that I don't have a path 'C:\Users\Jim\Documents\My Documents'

    I had a heck of a time getting 8.1 to find my documents.

    I eventually fixed it by using 'Locate' to move it to 'J:\Documents'.

    Unfortunately that copied (duplicated) my 160 GB documents folder and took a long time. The Locate tab says this is a move, but it isn't, it's a copy.

    After that things seemed OK and I deleted the old stuff.

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    Sunnyvale, CA USA
    Posts : 283
    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center (64-bit)

    I think this post may explain the problem cause. I have 6 SATA drives.

    I am still keeping my documents in c:\docs\ - Am I mad?
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Windows 8.1 seems to change the way 'My Documents' works

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