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Lost data

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    Lost data

    Not sure anyone can help, but I bought a program that will transfer data from my old computer (Vista) to my new computer (Win8) I plugged them both in. I had the screen on the Vista computer and it seemed to be working in transferring my stuff. I wanted until the lights on the new computer stopped blinking. Then I disconnected the Vista computer and hooked up all my wires from the Vista onto the Win8 computer. I can't find any of the data I supposedly transferred. Where would it be?

    So now I think I better do the transfer thing again. So I take the old computer and plug it in (without monitor as I only have 1) No power. It's plugged in but the old computer won't go on. Now, I'm panicking... all my data, documents, spread sheets, genealogy are all in the old computer.

    Now I do have backups... portable disks.... I see the info (or some of it) on the backup disks but how do I transfer it onto the Win8 computer? Theses were backedup from the old Vista computer.

    Hope someone can help me find all my data.

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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    Just put the backup disks in the new computer & either move or copy the stuff to an appropriate location on the new computer.
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    Might be a good idea to turn off that hibernation boot thing in 8, before transferring any data from an external source.

    I am not in 8 atm, but from memory, you do this:

    Control Panel >PowerOptions >'Choose what the power buttons do' >'Shutdown settings' > untick 'Turn on fast start-up'.
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    If you know the name of any of you files you could try a file search on the new computer.
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    When I bring up the info on the backup disk, and try to drag it it won't drag.... I'm glad I only have to get a new computer once every 5 yrs because this is such a pain.
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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    Bring them up & highlight them choose copy to or move to.

    Click image for larger version
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    Thanks, that worked only I didn't backup very well. Everything I thought was there isn't. I did salvage my genealogy files and a few games. I'm not very good at backing up. Lesson learned. Some of the things I tried to open the "store" doesn't recognize. Do you have to buy everything there? Sheesh.
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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    Glad I could help.
    I don't know about store.
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    Your old Vista machine might not power up, but it is likely that the data on the hard disk is still there, and that the old hard disk is still functional. It may require a little screwdriver surgery to remove the old disk from the Vista Machine, and connect it to your Gateway, but then you would have access to all your old Vista data from your new Windows 8 system directly.

    External hard drive adapters to connect the old disk via USB are readily available, and can be found at about $15 including a power supply.External USB Hard Drive Adapter | eBay

    If you post the specs and model of your old machine, it will be easier to help you with what can be done to retrieve your data.
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