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"Desktop" shortcut on Start menu does not work

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    "Desktop" shortcut on Start menu does not work

    I am using "Classic Start" menu (Classic Shell)
    I have copy/dragged Start > Programs > Desktop (shortcut) ... onto the Start (menu)

    When any program is open neither the (default) Start/Programs/Desktop ... nor... Start/Desktop shortcuts do anything.
    ie, Desktop is not activated.
    I have been copy/dragging some Start/Programs/<shortcuts> around to reduce the size of the "Programs" menu.

    In shortcut properties Desktop path "Show Desktop" is (disabled)
    (But the same shortcut works on my Win7 PC.

    On Win8 PC when I create a shortcut to desktop (ie, C:\Users\MyName\Desktop-- the shortcut opens WinExp at Desktop.
    It does not minimize all open windows to reveal the Desktop.
    The Win8 "Start screen" is not being used because I have modified the Laptop to boot/awaken to Desktop

    Obviously I am missing something ... would appreciate any help

    Thank you

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    Have you tried clicking on the "show desktop" button at the far right side of the taskbar , just to the right of the time? It works the same as in Win 7, the button isn't as obvious though.
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    Thank you "xunile " for your response,

    You are right about "not obvious", there is no icon at all.

    But that does not resolve the fact that the factory default ... Start > Programs > Desktop ... in Win8 (on my PC) does not work.
    ie, with any application/program in full screen, the factory-default start-menu "Desktop" shortcut does nothing. It does not minimize all open windows to reveal the desktop.

    My question was and still is "how to create a shortcut to activate the Desktop" on the Start menu

    I modify PC access for people with disabilities (as a volunteer).
    Simplicity via the keyboard is required. Mouse clicks and chasing invisible "locations" is too stressful or impossible for clients with compromised motor skills.

    Shortcuts to "C:\Users\<user name>\Desktop" opens WinExp at "Desktop" -- folders view.
    Is there a switch (or switches) to add to the path, to activate the Desktop ?
    What am I missing?

    I dug out of my TXT file archives (it pays to hoard , sometimes)...
    I don't know how kosher it is though...
    Open Notepad
    - copy the following text onto the Notepad window

    - save the notepad orphan onto Desktop as "Show desktop.scf"
    - and you have a Desktop shortcut
    Drag the resulting desktop icon onto the start menu .. or where ever you like.

    I have briefly fiddled with pinning to taskbar and a taskbar toolbar, and it worked.
    (If anyone wants details, repost in this thread)

    Works on WinXP + Win7(x32) + Win8(x64) ... cannot see why it would not work on Win7(x64) and Win8(x32)
    The icon is the WinXP "Desktop" icon ... but I can live with that

    With thanks to Microsoft tutorial How to re-create the Show desktop icon on the Quick Launch toolbar in Windows XP

    Somebody might point out problems with my workaround? I can always learn
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    WinAero: Pin to 8

    Choose "Special Item" to select Show Desktop.

    Click image for larger version

    It works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bawldiggle View Post
    I modify PC access for people with disabilities (as a volunteer).
    Simplicity via the keyboard is required. Mouse clicks and chasing invisible "locations" is too stressful or impossible for clients with compromised motor skills.
    I know this doesn't really answer your original question, but if you like keyboard shortcuts, this shortcut with the Windows Key will show the Desktop: <> + <D>

    It works in XP and I guess all versions since.
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    Thanks "DavidY" for your response.

    I use the WinKey+D myself.
    Here is a sample of my setup-laptop "Start" menu that I show to clients.
    (Setup for me. Obviously first timers get a simper program assortment)
    Click image for larger version
    Tomorrow I am seeing a senior (74 yrs old) who is getting their first PC free (courtesy of volunteers and corporate generosity.) Most of them have never seen a PC in action so over the years I have learnt to keep it simple.
    I also give them a PDF file with a summary of how to use each "application". Lots of images.
    PDF forces them to use the PC rather than a book of written instructions.
    What does my heart good is to see lives change when the web opens a door beyond their four walls.

    I appreciate the contributions of everyone. Thank you.
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"Desktop" shortcut on Start menu does not work

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