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Strange font in Windows 8 for system dialogue

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    Quote Originally Posted by LindaRAmar View Post
    3. "a strange jump over many possible traditional fixes" You might suggest what I should have done.
    I tried that route and you responded with "I tried that already" so I was not about to attempt another response and hear that again. That is exactly why I asked for a list and the only other thing you identified was a registry search. Now, that is what I found to be quite strange. If you are not an expert (as described by your own words) then why are you jumping straight to the registry? Anyway, referencing your response to item #1, start uninstalling some of that bloatware that came with your PC, try a factory restore, or just return it if it was that way out of the box. Good luck.

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    "start uninstalling some of that bloatware"--I'm trying to tell you that there wasn't a bunch of bloatware installed on this computer. I was surprised, as that's unusual.

    I went to the registry because that was what was suggested in other blogs about this subject. I have used the registry before, years ago, but not much in the past few years. I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty knowledgeable. I didn't change anything in the registry because it wasn't clear to me where that particular font setting was located and I know one can screw up royally messing with the registry.
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    Ok, thanks for that response. Hang in there and somebody will be along to assist you shortly. Good luck.
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    Hmmm. It seems to have disappeared.
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    The Font? Try a few things with dialogue boxes, make sure.
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Strange font in Windows 8 for system dialogue

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