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Windows 8.1 refuses to sleep

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    I tried to disable Windows Error Reporting because I run a program which is notorious for causing explorer.exe to crash from time to time. I need this program and there is no alternative to it, so I have to put up with it. Nevertheless, everytime it crashes it creates a Windows error report of the size of >350 MB! (And no, it's not a dump file, it is an actual error report.) I don't mind sending error reports to Microsoft, but this is just ridiculous. Even if I don't send it, it still stays on my PC until the next reboot. Leaving my PC running (and sleeping) for several days causes them to amount to several GBs. There is nothing wrong with my PC, I have the same problem on my Notebook running Windows 7, where I had no trouble disabling WER.

    @linw - Disabling Windows Error Reporting will not help your PC sleep. But some ways of disabling it will cause sleeplessness. My findings will only help people who have previously disabled WER. (Windows Error reporting service is only running if there was an error.)

    @Gork - werfault.exe is just a process belonging to Windows Error Reporting. Keeping it from running is just one way of disabling WER. But there are several different ways to disable it. Some of them caused my previously sleeping system to not sleep.

    We have already established, that there are several different causes for sleeplessness in W8.1. Getting a non-sleeping system to sleep, you may only know about the latest change you made. Making changes to my sleeping system and causing sleeplessness, and even being able to reproduce it, I can also tell that it is a cause. Still, it only holds true for my system and may not have an influence in yours.

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    Last sentence is very true!
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    Quote Originally Posted by linw View Post
    I checked my Windows Error reporting service and it is already stopped. Don't know how that is. Mmmmm.
    Mine was too, set to manual. Just for giggles I tried setting error reporting to never and it didn't help the computer sleep:
    From check/send data to never: CP > Action Center > expand Maintenance arrow > Settings
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    I NEVER said disabling Windows Error Reporting will help your computer sleep. On the contrary, some ways of disabling it will cause sleeplessness.
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    so did you guys find an actual solution to the problem?
    Edit: This idea came up in mind atm , the sleep troubles started after i bought gaming gear (keyboard and mouse) with fancy led's and stuff. Ive noticed that few times booting was delayed if i would not unplug one of those devices . Sometimes they even delay the shutting down procedure.
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    Faolan, thank you for your observations. I went to services and changed my error reporting from manual to automatic and will see if it makes a difference. I too frequently turn off error reporting on browsers and such as some pages display fine but Windows objects to some minor bug and splashes a message box about something I could care less about and can do nothing to change. Like Linw, I will report back in a bit if that helps or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Faolan View Post
    I NEVER said disabling Windows Error Reporting will help your computer sleep.
    I understand this - hence my "just for giggles" comment...
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    Didn't take long! I disabled the Windows Error Reporting service yesterday afternoon and it has stopped sleeping in less than a day.

    Back to local login and 100% sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What a strange behaviour indeed! XD
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    Don't know about strange. Seemed quite normal to me.
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Windows 8.1 refuses to sleep

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