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Boot up a Surface to a running Desktop Program?

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    Boot up a Surface to a running Desktop Program?

    OK. I have searched for "boot to desktop" and I got nothing good.

    I am setting up a Surface as an interface for a medical device. Our program runs as a Startup program, and this seems to work- except that it's running on the Desktop while the user stares at the Start screen

    Is there something I can do to get to the desktop? (We are skipping the login screen after startup/sleep). I can run a windows DLL call if I need to- I just don't know if there is something to run.

    The next question is going to be how to replace the shell with our program...

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    There are a few ways. Easiest, simplest is to start the software for medical at each log in using a scheduled task - and get rid of the current way you are having it start.

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    I will look into that- the task scheduler has an option to bring focus to the program?

    I know how to schedule it to start at login, but didn't realize that it would behave differently from the Startup folder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ultralame View Post
    I will look into that- the task scheduler has an option to bring focus to the program?
    Metro, modern, pretty screen for children.....whatever you want to call it....closes automatically and focus is brought to the scheduled application, at each login.

    Nothing special needed to be done besides creating the actual task.
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    Huh. How about that.

    FWIW, I like the metro when I am on a touchscreen; but when I am sitting at a desk, it's cumbersome compared to the Desktop.

    Works great on the Surface when no KB/Mouse is on it.
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Boot up a Surface to a running Desktop Program?

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