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Compatibility tab missing

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    Compatibility tab missing


    I have recently bought an new laptop with Windows 8.
    But I am having some problems with the compatibility settings.

    For example, I can access those features for Foobar (right mouse button on .exe > Properties > Compatibility.
    But by some games, I can't access them. Take GTA:SA, I click with my right mouse button on the .exe > Properties.
    And there is no compatibility tab, just General, Protection and Details (I think they are called that way in English).

    Here is an screen, left Foobar, right GTA:SA:
    Click image for larger version
    It is in Dutch, but you can see there is an tab missing.

    I tried different solutions, like an registry fix (it wont work) and since I don't have Win8 Pro, I cant use the solution with Local Group Policy.

    I hope somebody knows the answer to my problem!


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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Is one of those an installer or a self-extracting archive? No - I see it is a game.

    These are shortcuts aren't they? Try finding the actual files and see if you can set the compatibility for the actual file, not the shortcut.
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    Thanks for the response XweAponX,

    These are the .exe files, on shortcuts it is the same. Foobar has an compatibility tab and GTA is missing it.

    It is really weird...

    I hope somebody has any ideas!

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    yeah I found out the same problem. only way around is right clicking and click on trouble compatibility. and then it will give options to choice
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    Thanks for your reaction dskiller,

    It worked, but have now some options, I can choose which version of Windows I would like to emulate (I can choose Win7, Win Vista SP2 and WinXP SP3 or I don't now.)
    But I can not choose Win98 (which is needed to run GTA:SA without mouse problems). How do I get Win98?

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    Hello Thomas, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    If you like, you could go ahead and select one of the options to have the registry entries added for you already, then use OPTION THREE in the tutorial below to change it to WIN98.

    Compatibility Mode - Use in Windows 8

    Hope this helps,
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    Thanks Shawn!

    It works! I only had to change the "~" to "^", otherwise it could not locate my ODD.

    Thanks again!
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    You're most welcome Thomas. I'm glad we could help.
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Compatibility tab missing

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