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Add contrast/coloration to inactive background windows

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    Add contrast/coloration to inactive background windows

    Edit, after posting I decided to search this issue and it appears this has been asked previously. Next time I will search THEN post!

    Hopefully I can explain this correctly:
    Is there a way to make inactive windows have a little more contrast around their borders? I have added a screenshot which I hope illustrates the issue. Everything just kinda blends together and I would like it to have a little more color so individual windows are easier to recognize at a glance.

    Thanks in advance!
    Click image for larger version

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    Oops, I just searched this and I guess this question has been asked ad nauseum. I assume their is still not concrete fix without registry edits?
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    Quote Originally Posted by snoop101 View Post
    Oops, I just searched this and I guess this question has been asked ad nauseum. I assume their is still not concrete fix without registry edits?
    That's about right.
    I tried it in the registry with poor results.
    Give it time, Stardock or Classic Shell will probably come up with something soon.
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    WinAERO made a program that does this - Not sure which one it is though, you can search their downloads.
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    Just giving this a bump .

    I hate the way inactive windows become an amalgamated mess. I often have a few windows open and flick between them, but now it's really awkward.

    Have things progressed, or is it still a fix yet to come?
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Add contrast/coloration to inactive background windows

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