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I am so lost here How can I simply go back to 7?

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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, copperscale. I can see this thread kind of went south.

    I'll assume you upgraded from the MS site? Did you use the Upgrade Assistant? A lot of people having troubles with the upgrades. You may consider a fresh install, which many think is best. I know it may be time consuming by losing all your programs, but may be worth it. If you do, make sure all your important data is backed up first. Clean Install - Windows 8

    If not, you may want to try a few things:

    Run this at least 3 times: SFC /SCANNOW Command - Run in Windows 8

    Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter - Fix Apps in Windows 8

    Your trouble with accounts: Microsoft Accounts Troubleshooter in Windows 8
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    Hippsie, Thanks so much for responding to me!!!

    Yes I did upgrade from the Microsoft site. I am pretty much a stickler about getting any software I install from a site that either publishes it or a very trusted place like Cnet.

    I will go through the steps you outlined here for sure. One question. since I do not have a disk version of the software, is there a way around if the fix asks for an install disk? I was told earlier in another forum to run the SFC scan but that it would likely ask for an install disk to fix files. I have no idea of how to deal with this other than creating a boot disk from the downloaded install. I think I have that as an option but do not remember. I did go through all the steps when installing and ran upgrade assist first. I fixed all the little things it suggested, but it was mainly that my installed virus software did not run with 8.

    I will let you know if any of this helps.
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    SFC (system file checker) does not require any disc. It tries to fix files from the mirror. But it has only a small set of mirror files for the most important system files.

    The next level would be a repair/install. But for that you need an installation disc. Didn't you keep the .iso you downloaded. That you can burn to a DVD.
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    You're welcome, copperscale.

    Thanks, Wolfgang. That's a good question.

    Just my opinion. I seems your having a lot of problems mainly due to upgrade rather than fresh install. Another thing I recommend is to load the OS and let it update and stabilize a bit before loading other software. It seems we're all in a hurry to get things loaded too fast, especially with a new OS.

    I feel 3rd party maintenance programs are another problem. I'd advise to stick with Defender. It's written at the Kernel level now. No need for 3rd party.

    Of course do what you want. These are just my thoughts.
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    Thanks again for the response. I have had a couple of really bad days and no time to work on my issues here, but wanted to say thanks. hopefully tomorrow I can take the time and try and fix this mess. I did, today, have big issues with my Mozy software and their tech support spent over an hour remoted in trying to figure out what was wrong. they have elevated this to the next level as the guy that was working with me had no clue what is wrong with my W8 and he said he is pretty good at troubleshooting as he does it a lot. At least I do not feel like such a dork now. I am usually pretty good at this myself so I was really thinking that this OS must be horribly different or I have lost my reasonability completely. someone else suggested it may be a corrupted sound file associated with UAC and that I should set it to none. I tried that, but no help at all.
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    You're quite welcome, copperscale. Thank you for answering as to your system's condition. So many do not.

    Good luck to you tomorrow.
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    I'm a long time Windows user and I tried Win8 a few months ago and went back to Win7 because of some (relatively) minor issues. Now that I built my new PC, benchmarked and tested it thoroughly on Win7, I'm going to Win8 this coming weekend, unless there's a disaster related to a friend's or family member's PC. My overclocked CPU is running well, so if I have any "new" issues, I can attribute them to Win8, so this will be a better way to migrate to a new OS since I have recent results from the old OS to compare things to... I will do a clean install, I NEVER recommend an in-place "upgrade"...
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    If you did an in-place upgrade, I have done a little thing to make an installation .iso for you.


    See part 2 of this tutorial:

    Quote Originally Posted by copperscale View Post
    Yes I did upgrade from the Microsoft site.

    since I do not have a disk version of the software, is there a way around if the fix asks for an install disk?
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    That's very nice of you SIW2. :thumbup: That will make her clean install easy for her if she decides to go that route.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    If you did an in-place upgrade, I have done a little thing to make an installation .iso for you.


    See part 2 of this tutorial:


    Thanks so much!!!! I will try a few other things and if they do not work I will do a clean install. Thankfully I have my husband to help on this for a few days. he does not go back out (travels for work a lot) for a little over a week. Since he installs and upgrades software as part of his job, he is pretty good with this. However all of the software he deals with works on 7 so he is not at all up on 8.
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I am so lost here How can I simply go back to 7?

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