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A folder for shortcuts

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    A folder for shortcuts

    Hi guys,

    Is it possible to create shortcuts & place these into a folder
    i.e. a folder of shortcuts.

    e.g. I work with Audio files & want to group them so when I open My DAW
    I can see one folder in the browser with all the shortcuts there.

    I'm sorry I am a windows newb & appreciated any advise.
    To set this up on a mac was very simple but Im having no success
    setting it up in win 8, I have created a folder & placed shortcuts there
    but My DAW's browser won't see the files (shortcuts) it sees the folder
    ok but not its contents (the shortcuts)
    hope I have explained myself alright
    the files are audio wav files

    please advise many thanks folks

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    Do exactly what you describe.

    Create a folder wherever you want it.
    Open the fodder then create shortcuts inside it to whatever you need.
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    oh I see I must recreate the shortcuts inside the folder then direct them
    to their addresses so to speak (right?)
    e.g. a right click & send to (?)

    sorry its probably the easiest thing in the world thanks for your reply Ztruker

    not just at Windows 8 right this minute will try when I get home

    thank You
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    Here how I do it:

    1. Right click on the (music) file and Send To desktop - that creates a shortcut of that file on the desktop

    2. Create a folder on the desktop - right click on the desktop > New > Folder

    3. Drag your shortcut into that folder

    4. Move the folder to wherever is convenient for you - e.g. Cut/Paste
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    Hello techho, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    In addition to what Wolfgang posted above, there's several ways to create shortcuts for the new folder.

    Shortcut - Create for a File, Folder, Drive, or Program in Windows - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Hope this helps,
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    much appreciate your help guys & thanks for the warm welcome to boot
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A folder for shortcuts

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