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    44 37.93%
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    Windows 8 - What do you think?

    Let us know what you think of the new Windows 8 release.

    For me it was great on my Viewsonic tablet, far easier to use than Windows 7 was on it but on my laptop/desktop.....well all that metro stuff just sucks, please Microsoft give us the option to shut it off or this OS will be a fail.

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    Agreed on there needs to be a better separation for desktop/mobile use.

    This OS is 80% mobile 20% desktop. Highly doubtful this will ever be a viable day to day desktop solution - and that will mean a lot of pissed off and lost users.

    Give me a solid switch to desktop and Metro mobile mode, not a hybrid monster.
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    The metro UI needs the ability to to have shortcuts such as Windows Media Player and the Snipping Tool from Windows Explorer Start Menu or Program files to be able to be pinned to it. However when I installed Firefox and my Microsoft Mouse the shortcuts appeared on the Metro UI.
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    Windows 10 Tech Preview

    Give me a solid switch to desktop and Metro mobile mode, not a hybrid monster
    This metro stuff is far from usable, at least in my desk ...
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    The Metro start menu adds gestures and extra keystrokes to get to anything, even shutting down. It won't work as a paradigm on a desktop in the workplace.
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    Wow, I like the built-in spell checker in the OS.
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    Maybe once I get used to finding all the shortcuts and tricks, I'll like it more. Some of the stuff is interesting, such as the Facebook and Twitter apps, but it's all kind of a PITA to navigate through. Also, after doing a clean install, everything I install is pinned to Start, which is pretty annoying.
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    It looks like Windows 7 cross-bred with a Windows metro all those large icons? Yuck. I'm not so sure about this one fella's.............

    And BTW, where the heck is Start > Shut Down?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden View Post

    And BTW, where the heck is Start > Shut Down?
    I couldn't find it either. Closest I got was clicking my name in the "Start" menu and choosing "Log Off" to see if there was an option on the login screen. Took ages to log off even on my SSD, so I just hit the restart button on my PC and booted back in to 7 and got rid of the thing, lol.

    Not sure I like it at the moment either. I moved the Start screen to my second monitor, but there was no way to get it back to my primary screen unless I switched which monitor was primary :S
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    The sleep, shutdown, restart are in start menu - Settings - at the bottom under "Power".
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Windows 8 - What do you think?
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