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side bar popping out annoying!!

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    side bar popping out annoying!!

    I have a very annoying problem which i cant seem to sort out. When im on the interweb via firefox or IE if i quickly drag the cursor from right to left (via mousepad on laptop) the side bar on the right pops out and the time and date pop up (as they do if you take the pointer to the top or bottom right of the screen) Why is this happening and more importantly how do i stop it?

    thanks muchly

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    I should add if im on the desktop or any other program this doesnt happen , it only seems to happen when im in a browser
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    hi, thats refered to as the charms bar and that what its suppost to do ,and its default so no turning it off
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    the right to left swipe will initiate if you start from the edge of the trackpad and will bring up the charms bar. if you have a small trackpad, that's going to be a problem, especially with pre-Windows 8 certified hardware.

    if you can keep your finger away from the right edge of the trackpad, it won't bring up the charms bar.

    if your trackpad is too small to avoid the right edge, then you can go to the trackpad/mouse settings and narrow the width of the zone that initiates the right edge. like in the old days when you could adjust the width of the right scrollbar on the trackpad.
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    ahhhhhhhhhhh i see what were doing now , we must have been using the full trackpad when moving the cursor (its not a small trackpad btw) . Ill see if i can teach myself to use less of the pad but i dont see that happening. I can change alot of stuff in the settings for the pad ill take a look , problem is ive disabled the software for it ill re enable it and see if theres any settings ican alter to stop it happening

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    If I can add on to this, with touchpads on laptops built for Windows 8, there are several gestures there to use. The swiping from the right inwards opens the Charms bar. Do it from the left will switch from the Desktop to any open apps, do it from the top or bottom opens the app command bar. You can do a pinch to zoom gesture on the Start Screen or anywhere else that you can zoom in or out on, doing it at the Start Screen goes to semantic view so you can see the whole series of tiles. I believe your touchpad will do this, but if you're on the Desktop, you can do a three finger gesture down to minimize all the windows, up will show the program ribbon. Do that three finger gestures left or right, such as in a browser, File Explorer, Photo Viewer or any other program that has a back/forward button will go back if you do it left, forward if you do it right. You can also probably do a rotate gesture in a program like Photo Viewer on the Desktop to rotate images.

    LOTS of touch gestures for the Windows 8!
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    Coke, you did a good job listing some of the gestures. but some of those gestures are trackpad-software dependent.

    for instance, with the Lenovo Wireless Windows 8 TouchPad K5923 (which has no specific software), 3 fingers will do page up and page down scrolling.

    so depending on the trackpad, some of the gestures have variation. so you have to learn whether you have a synaptic trackpad or a lenovo or a logitech or whoever.
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    just been into the software and unchecked the "enable edgeswipes" all is now well thanks While i was in the settings i see some handy things it does such as two finger scrolling which is ver handy , i switched that on
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side bar popping out annoying!!

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