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Alt + X shortcut not allowing me to choose letter option

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    Thanks for that, medab1.

    What I was getting at was whether it was Alt-X or Windows-X that the OP was having trouble with?

    I was trying to ask the question (in case Alt-X is a well used shortcut I've not come across) in an attempt for me not to appear too dumb- I've failed there probably! (Hope I haven't added too much confusion to the thread!)

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    Hello David,

    When you are in say File Explorer and press the Alt key, it will either show or underline the letters for shortcut keys to use to open menu items with. Alt + X where X stands for whatever letter you wanted to press.

    Click image for larger version
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    I may be the dumb one here - I hope to clear this up. I meant that when I hit Win-X, it brings up the list of underlined letters you can choose to bring up a choice such as Run, Command Prompt, etc. If you want to search for example, you will click S for search and it used to come up w/JUST selecting the underlined letter. Now, that does not happen. I must click it w/the mouse. Very sorry for the confusion everyone. Hope this helps. Why would I no longer be able to just hit the letter that corresponds w/the shortcut item in the list? Thanks!
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    Ah, yep that threw everyone off with the Alt-X instead of Win-X.

    Just to see if it's and issue with all underlined letters or just with the Win+X Power Tasks Menu, are you able to use the Alt shortcuts in File Explorer like in my post above?
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    Let me get back w/you Brink tonight and confirm. Yes, sorry about the confusion. I should know better! Thank you.
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    No problem.

    In addition, double check to see if OPTION TWO in the tutorial may be the issue if they are turned off.

    Keyboard Shortcuts - Underline
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    Thank you very much Brink! Will do and get back to you guys!
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    May I suggest you try another keyboard, preferably a basic USB corded one? Just to rule out any possibility of a keyboard compatibility issue.

    I can confirm you do not hold down the alt key when pressing the letter of the shortcut.
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    Brink - the option 2 did not change this issue.

    JohnofE - I do not hold alt down when pressing the letter for the shortcut. There must be an option to fix this. It had worked before. Odd the shortcut letters do not work at all.
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    Are they still underlined?
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Alt + X shortcut not allowing me to choose letter option

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