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Poll: Basic Preferences--Using Metro Interface vs Desktop

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83. You may not vote on this poll
  • I have a strong general preference for using “metro” over using the desktop.

    6 7.23%
  • I have a strong general preference for using the desktop over using “metro.”

    56 67.47%
  • I have a medium general preference for using “metro” over using the desktop.

    5 6.02%
  • I have a medium general preference for using the desktop over using “metro.”

    9 10.84%
  • I have a weak general preference for using “metro” over using the desktop.

    0 0%
  • I have a weak general preference for using the desktop over using “metro.”

    0 0%
  • I have no have no general preference as described above.

    7 8.43%
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    Poll: Basic Preferences--Using "Metro" vs Desktop

    There is a great deal of discussion here that, to me, is based on basic preferences for using "metro" over the desktop or vice versa. Personally, I am very interested in knowing more about the related strength-classes into which your preferences fall. In this regard, I know that the desktop might be considered to be part of the overall "metro" interface. But, for purposes of this poll, I am dichotomizing the Windows 8 interface into: (1) "metro" and (2) the desktop. I think you will understand what I am getting at using this dichotomy without additional explanation.

    I hope that those responding to my poll will have a substantive basis for expressing a basic preference (or lack thereof) of one of the types described in my possible poll responses. My poll results might generalize to the member population on the Windows 8 Forums, but that is unclear since the respondents are not necessarily from what might be characterized as a random sample. And, there is no a priori reason to expect that my poll's results will generalize to any other particular larger population (e.g., Windows 8 users in the U.S., Windows 8 users in the U.S. and Europe, etc.).

    There is no "right" set of reasons for preferring "metro" to the desktop or vice versa. Feel free to express the reasons for your preferences hopefully after responding the poll.

    In discussing your reasons, I hope that you will avoid the obvious sorts of questionable uses of words that many of us have engaged in on some of our topic threads. In general, let's just avoid the sorts of acrimony that have been so widespread on prior threads dealing with Windows 8 merits and demerits, etc., etc.

    Edit1: Oops, the last poll response should have said "have no" not "have no have no," but I imagine you figured that out.

    Edit2: See post my #40 for discussion of poll, preferences, and possible reasons for preferences to that point.

    Edit 3: (1/22/13) See my post #51 for update and invitation for new voting and revoting.
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    Still prefers Desktop, although I still use the Metro Interface occasionally.
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    Do you want to vote in the poll? See above. I think you somehow replied before the poll appeared.
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    Quote Originally Posted by znod View Post
    Do you want to vote in the poll? See above. I think you somehow replied before the poll appeared.
    That is true and I am confused at first.
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    I use both equally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LovingWindows View Post
    I use both equally.
    Same here. I MUCH prefer the old style of Windows computing, but I mean, when the Metro (Modern) UI isn't bugging up for me, I think it's perfect and simple for a lot of everyday tasks I do!
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    It really makes no difference to me. I spend about 90% of my time on the desktop. Also, as an iMac user(80% of the time) using the win 8 start screen is not that much of a difference from "Launchpad."
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    Interesting, I have MBP, MBA, and iMac (wife). Neither of us ever currently use "Launchpad." I used it some when first installed to see what it does, but that's it. Doubt Apple will go as far as MS did with metro, but we'll see.
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    I have a general preference of metro over the Desktop.

    At first I voted no general preference but thought about it a bit.

    Honestly, both UIs work great. The Desktop is used a lot for me because there are Desktop programs I have to use. The metro, immersive aspect I use with certain apps as some of those apps have better layouts versus using the site. Live tiles also enhance that.

    As of now, I doubt I could literally switch away from the Desktop. I'd like to, but it needs improvements and work to bring over Desktop like functionality from the apps over to the WinRT environment. For example, there are several WinRT File Explorer apps out there that I've tried out. It won't cut it for me as the Ribbon is far superior to use with two windows snapped next to each other to handle file cutting and pasting or moving or copying. As I see it, some developers are thinking that Windows 8 apps should be like phabet/smartphone apps when they shouldn't be. But if there were more people like the VLC Player development team that is taking the Desktop version of the player to the immersive metro style, things would REALLY be great.

    I use a combo of both Desktop and metro. I'm typing this out within the immersive IE 10. I prefer using that than the Desktop version. I prefer using File Explorer versus a file explorer type app with not a lot functionality. When some Desktop apps get ported over to the WinRT environment, I'll give that a go. But we're too early into the saga of development for Windows 8...
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    Desktop, as resizable Windows are absolutely a requirement. PERIOD.
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Poll: Basic Preferences--Using Metro Interface vs Desktop

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