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    Quote Originally Posted by molebo View Post
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    You can still use CTRL-A to select all. I'm not sure if there is any other way or not, so hopefully someone else wil chime in here.
    there is the problem, how I explain this to my dad ? he is 80 years old. Microsoft make us use to menu not shortcut, this bring us back in the DOS time. And I have a question here, how the hell you do it on a Phone or a tablet without keyboard ?
    Just tell your dad if he wants to select all, hold the CTRL key down and press A. You could also do like I done for my parents, print off a list of hot key in case they forget. Just be sure you make the font extra large so they can see it

    As far as the cell phone and tablet, I'm not sure. I've never tried to select all on either one, so hopefully someone that knows about that will give some input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcRat View Post
    Some of the changes MS made were for speed & stability. To achieve that, it may have been necessary to remove functions.
    are you saying that Windows 7 is not stable ?

    My dad as 3 Phd, he design pills all his life but he can't figure how to change a tv channel with a remote.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlue8 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by peralta View Post
    I might be one of the few that feels like windows 8 is like a incomplete project. I mean if I was a teacher and I needed to grade windows 8 as a project I would give it a 65. passing grade just because is workable. reason why I feel like this is because a lot of the features that we had in the pass are not in it. example SELECT ALL in the mail app not there, don't know maybe I have not looked hard enough. the whole new concept is great, operating wise beautifully constructed. I just think we deserve a full product for once not a x-pack. Windows 9 no expansion package that's the goal Microsoft should be setting up for them self's.
    You can still use CTRL-A to select all. I'm not sure if there is any other way or not, so hopefully someone else wil chime in here.

    thank you, but the point is that we used to have a easier way to it. why not keep it or improve it. the whole concept of windows 8 is for it to be easier.

    Mail programs require right-click & Select All.
    -or- hold Ctrl key down while you select multiple emails
    -or- click on 1 and hold shift key down while you click on another to highlight all in between those 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcRat View Post

    Mail programs require right-click & Select All.
    well it must be late because I don't see the select all option , I go check again
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    I've been using Windows 8 since the Preview Edition came out, and I got the Pro version on its third day. I think the system is fantastic. I've been enjoying Windows since 3.11 (although I skipped Vista) and every one has gotten better that its predecessor.
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    Well I finally get back the Start Button, and not anyone, the real original one.

    Click image for larger version
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluice32 View Post
    I don't even think people who like Windows 8 would claim it's "A+" material...
    I've been using Windows 8 since the Developer Preview. I like the OS and think it's A+ material.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlue8 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Hopachi View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlue8 View Post


    In a little bit I'll test my media player with Windows 8. I've read of people saying it works but buggy, but that could be because of a number of things.
    I'm curious if you know/find more about this buggy things. i'm talking about the built in media player, my standalone ones are OK.

    Like for example why I always get stuttering and crippled sound every second on WMP... The Music App doesn't have any sound problem but refuses to play on double-click like it did until now.

    Great OS for me too until issues like this make me love it less every day... well still like it for some good features that 7 lacks, that's all.
    I'm not panicking (yet), we'll find some fixes I'm sure.
    I'll get back to you later tonight regarding this. I have to leave for work and don't have the time to test it at the moment.

    Have a good one everybody!
    Forget the fixes. They don't exist yet.

    I simply use MPC Homecinema / VLC replacing the built in crappy players until they decide about a fix.
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Just installed Windows 8 - A+ Microsoft

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