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    Steam Gamers

    How many gamers on Steam do we have here on Eight Forums?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldGuyGeek View Post
    Favorite games?!
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    TairikuOkami[SK] - AOE 2 and Portal 2, but COD MW3's coop holds a special place in my heart.
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    I am a huge Steam/Origin gamer.

    You can normally find me in:

    -BF Series
    -COD Series
    -Spec Ops
    -Counter Strike ( sometimes )
    -Team Fortress 2 ( rarely)
    -Dragon Age series ( almost always! )
    -Borderland series ( rarely )
    -Batman series ( occasionally )
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    Yep, I'm an avid Steam gamer. Around 125 games on there at the last count. I also have the unfortunate pleasure of having to use Origin for BF3/BF4 too. And Uplay for WatchDogs and Far Cry 3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LovingWindows View Post
    How many gamers on Steam do we have here on Eight Forums?
    What did you mean by gamers on Steam? Are you talking those who use Steam based games, or those playing on-line through Steam?

    I have quite a few Steam based games, but I don't play games on-line.
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    I have a ton of games on Steam, 3 on Uplay (AC IV, Far Cry 3, Watch Dogs) and a few on (ugh) Origin.
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    i game on steam its my main source
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    Quote Originally Posted by LovingWindows View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by OldGuyGeek View Post
    Favorite games?!
    Well, I have over 100 on Steam and about 25-30 installs, including old 3.5 disk DOS games, CDs, Atari 2600, 800, ST emulators, etc.

    Mostly in first-person shooters. Favorites?

    Batman Series (3)
    Assassin's Creed (2)
    BioShock (2)
    Crysis (2)
    Dark Souls
    Dead Space (tense!!!)
    FarCry (2)
    Hitman (2)
    Mass Effect (2)
    Max Payne (all 3)
    Metro 2033
    Saints (3)
    GTA (4)
    Left4Dead (2)

    Then a bunch of car racing (Grid, NFS (3), etc)

    Here's a video of 100 of my games. Most are on Steam (gotta love autopatching)

    Windows 8 Game Compatibiity - 100 Tests - YouTube
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Steam Gamers

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