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Mouse not working after installing 8.1, again after update

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    Mouse not working after installing 8.1, again after update

    I did a clean re-install of Windows 8.1 as I had numerous problems due to malware, etc with 8.1.
    After installing Windows (no problem during installation), I started to install my software, and often had to restart my PC as required by some programs.
    After one of these restarts, the mouse and keyboard did not work. I replaced the batteries (it is a wireless Microsoft mouse (MS Wireless Mouse 1000; Model 1454) and keyboard (MS Wireless Keyboard 800;Model 1455))-this (batteries) in the past have often been the problem. No luck.
    I then tried another wired mouse and keyboard, which also did not work. I took it to my technician. He used his own mouse and keyboard, which worked, but at home the same sage with both sets, continued.
    I searched the internet, but mostly the answers were aimed as if you have a working mouse and keyboard-click on this; open command prompt; etc.
    I made no progress. I suspected that the drivers needed to be updated. I spent hours researching the subject and tried various options.
    I then decided to re-install Windows 8.1. The Microsoft keyboard and mouse still did not work after this installation. I took it to the technician again, his mouse and keyboard again worked on my PC. I bought a wired mouse and keyboard. After that the system was working very well. I installed all my programs, editing videos, etc.
    Two nights ago there was a Windows Update-must have been a big update as it took quite a while to install.
    When I next tried to work on the PC, the mouse did (still does) not work. I tried 2 other pairs of keyboards and mice - keyboards working; mice not. (I cannot see the mouse pointer and nothing happens when I click the mouse)
    I then downloaded all updates for the MSI drivers with another PC, put it on a memory stick. Now I am clueless how to install them without a mouse. I looked up all possible keyboard shortcuts, but for me this is a big job to even get to a folder, let alone opening and installing them.
    So, my queries:

    1. The drivers need to be updated, I know. If it will solve the issue, I do not know.
    2. Any other possibilities?

    But first if someone can guide me how to install the drivers without a mouse (currently on a USB stick as I said) would be a big help.

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    Any HID compatible device should work without any special drivers. Have you tried Safe Mode to see if it works?
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    I had similar problem with acer laptop, what ever driver I installed none worked... etc...
    Solved the problem by updating BIOS from acer website.

    So you might look at:
    ECS > G41T-M (V2.0)

    and install their stuff, however I can't see any updates for Windows 8.1 there
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    I think that ECS is wrong. Apologies. I copied the info from the Windows 7 forum, but if the ECS refers to the motherboard, I have now a MSI motherboard: H61M-P21(B3). (I have very much a hybrid system!)
    I have downloaded all the updates from the MSI website and it is on a memory stick, but I do not know how to install it. I tried the MouseKeys, but I do not see a mouse pointer on the screen.
    If I make the memory stick bootable, will it then install it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by avz10 View Post
    If I make the memory stick bootable, will it then install it?
    Dude, just a side note, updating BIOS should be taken with care, if something goes wrong you'll have to take your PC to technician.

    There is a manual on their site, you should read it carefully if you wanna take the risk.
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    In your opinion, what are the options? If I could uninstall the update, I suppose that would fix it. But again how? Or other possibilities??
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Mouse not working after installing 8.1, again after update

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