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Coprocessor Not Found 8.1 (Computer Freezes)

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    Coprocessor Not Found 8.1 (Computer Freezes)

    Hi all, I've had this Coprocessor problem for quite some time and I cannot resolve it after reading everything I can get my eyes on. Additionally I don't even know what a coprocessor is!?
    Here is my system:
    Operating System Windows 8.1
    Motherboard model - MS 7374
    Motherboard BIOS version 3.50
    Graphics card model - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280
    Graphics card Bios version / 62.00.1C.00.80
    AMD Phenom 9750 Quad Core 2.40Ghz
    8.00GB DDR2
    64 bit Operating System, x64 base processor

    What I have done to try and resolve this:
    Updated Geforce 280 to version 340.52 driver. According to GeForce Experience it is up to day(checked today).
    I have used MSI Live Update 6 to update my motherboard and bios to the latest driver. HOWEVER when I try to update and install the latest motherboard update ( it won't update and always says I still need it. I download it and install it and restart and it doesn't take. I think this may be part of the problem.
    Also I have read so places that compatibility may be the problem too.

    My computer freezes randomly and I have not been able to fix this since I had Windows 7. I think this is the problem(I once thought it was my heatsink but have replaced and re seated it and it still happens).

    When I try and have windows 8.1 search for my missing coprocessor it can't find anything too. I cant point it in the right direction because I don't even know what its missing.

    Any thoughts or direct links would be great. Thanks in advance.

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    The coprocessor is part of your CPU, though now it would probably be more properly known as the FPU (Floating-point unit). Once upon a time the coprocessor was an optional add-on to the CPU intended to improve the performance of floating point (fractions) math, but at least by the 486 days Intel was integrating it onto the CPU and by the Pentium days it was a standard feature. So if you're getting some kind of coprocessor error, it probably suggests that your CPU is bad.
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    Well I'm not sure its bad, because this issue has been here since I've had the computer. Is there a way to test your theory instead of my just buying a new CPU (which would probably mean building a new computer).

    I just have a feeling its a driver and compatibility issue.

    Thanks though asvent for the help!
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    Did you consider BIOS update ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ramzzey13 View Post
    Well I'm not sure its bad, because this issue has been here since I've had the computer. Is there a way to test your theory instead of my just buying a new CPU (which would probably mean building a new computer).

    I just have a feeling its a driver and compatibility issue.

    Thanks though asvent for the help!
    If you've had the issue since the beginning, it supports my idea even more. These days the FPU is largely bypassed in favor of dedicated instructions like MMX and SSE which are "cheaper" in terms of the number of clock cycles they use. The FPU would be used only as a backup and even then the main CPU could be used as a fallback, it's just more "expensive" since it splits up the process into two parts.

    The only way to really test this would be to find a benchmarking program that can do floating point tests which don't rely on any specialized instructions like MMX, SSE, 3DNow!, AVX, etc.

    But a bad FPU would be covered under the CPU's warranty, so unless you bought an OEM CPU you should be able to send it back to AMD and get a replacement assuming you're within 3 years (or unless warranty terms on CPUs have changed since I last bought one). Even if you had an OEM CPU with a warranty that has lapsed, it can never hurt to try and get a replacement anyway. There's always a chance AMD will say yes in an effort to keep a customer, but even if they say now, how exactly are you any worse off than you already are? Just find someone selling either the same CPU or something in the same microarchitecture family so that the BIOS microcode should work and slot it in. Even on an OEM Windows you should be able to do that without triggering the activation enforcer.
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    As has been mentioned the coprocessor is part of the CPU. Thus only a new CPU will fix that if it has developed a fault.

    About the only things a user can do as regards drivers/software is ensure that BIOS settings and battery are OK up to date as far as possible, and the chipset software has been installed.

    That's about it. CPU chips have billions of components integrated in a very small area they don't last forever and degrade with time, quicker at higher temperatures.
    It appears to be about 6/7 years old with an old nVidia chipset. Thus essentially end of life and abandoned.
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    What is the exact error message? You say it happens randomly, is it only when browsing the Internet? Working with Word? When the system is idle?

    My computer freezes randomly and I have not been able to fix this since I had Windows 7.
    Are you saying you got this error with W7 too?
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    Window 8.1

    Hello again and thanks for everyone's replies. According to live update 6 the motherboards bios is up to date. I think i said 3.50 in my first post. I will try summer of the programs you listed previously. I have run heavy load on it with no problems. But i will run it through some tests today. It freezes during playing games, while surfing the web, while idle. No error messages come about except when it freezes and my only option in restart. Then i sometimes get a power driver failure blue but u think that is related to restarting out while frozen. Yes it frooze during windows 7 also. I cant remember if the coprocessor was missing back then.

    Here is my question from the live updater for my motherboard why doesn't my computer accept the latest driver1.17.59.0. From msi. This is where i think the problem may be because im not sure my os 8.1 is compatible with this driver. For the motherboard.

    There's other forums about this and they suggest this too. However they were able to point their missing coprocessor in the right direction for the update and that's how most fixed it. I dont know what to point it to.

    Thanks again.
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    I ask again, "What is the exact error message?"

    This is where i think the problem may be because im not sure my os 8.1 is compatible with this driver.
    This is supposed to be determined BEFORE installing a new OS, not after. I note W8.x is NOT listed for your motheroard.
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    I have an older Asrock N7AD-Sli motherboard which by today's standards is well out of date and not supported by Win 8/8.1. It functions very well on the generic drivers supplied by Windows but no Coprocessor driver - no ill effects from it but it still bugged me.

    I managed to resolve it by downloading the latest chipset drivers from Asrock's site which gave support for Windows 7. The zip file was around 51mb in size. I didn't install this instead leaving it in a convenient place where I could find it.

    Instead I went to Device Manager where the coprocessor should be shown with a warning symbol and went down the update driver route and pointed it at the zip file. Bingo, worked like a charm.

    As your system looks like an older one like mine, it might work for you.

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Coprocessor Not Found 8.1 (Computer Freezes)

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