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    Nokia Lumia Icon Windows 8.1

    Does anyone know if the Nokia Lumia Icon can be updated to 8.1 yet?
    I do not want to buy it unless I know and I have been to At+T Verizon and called each. I also have used the web for information. I still cannot get a definitive answer. I could not get through to Nokia or Verizon tech support.
    Thank you

    P.S. For those interested, I just spoke to tech at Verizon who said other than developers[they void warranty] the 8.1 date was the 3rd than the 6th and now it is indefinite. He advised waiting at least a week for the probable date of the release and then some time to see how all is working out.

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    I got a free update to 8.1 about a week ago. I'm in the U.K. though! (Nokia Lumia 1520)
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    Are you a developer or previewer with your warranty voided or are you a consumer who made the regular purchase?
    How do you, like it?
    What do you think of Cortana?
    If you have a 5 MP camera, does it live up to a good reputation?
    I cannot wait for the ICON - the camera is 22 MP.
    I just have to decide on my carrier. Sprint was lagging for a while but is surging at this time. Verizon and ATT are the two top runners.
    Who is the carrier you chose in the UK?
    Good for you and enjoy.
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    I'm a consumer who bought it outright. Maybe you didn't notice Peter2 but I have a Nokia Lumia 1520. I just love it, especially the camera which has 20mp. I don't have a phone carrier. I intend to use this just as a small tablet which fits in my pocket just nicely. I don't know anything about the Icon, but for me the 1520 is the tops'!
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    So you can access the web with your home network for free or use Wi FI, or no web at all?
    I read about your phone and it reads great.
    To get the update you must have been online, right.
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    A Finnish ex-pat in Leipzig, Germany
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    You can check the Lumia Cyan (8.1) update availability in North America here: Availability in North America - Nokia.

    At the moment it looks that in US only AT&T has it available to all Lumia phones except Lumia 810 (Cyan update for AT&T Lumia 810 "under testing" which means it will be available soon), all other providers in USA show the update status as "under testing".

    For other continents, to see the availability of Cyan update for Lumia, see this page and select your continent: Software update for Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8 - Nokia

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    Thanks much. It looks as though I will be waiting for the Icon.
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    Peter2, I use my own Wi- Fi network at home, to access the internet, etc., and Wi-Fi is accessible in most places I visit when I go to town. So I don't need a telephone carrier. I use a small "Mickey mouse" mobile/cell phone for phone calls on a "pay as you go" system.
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    So if you buy a phone, you can get internet on your home network and wi fi and others houses who will let you use their key. Don't you have to have some carrier to make calls and text? Or are you saying you use the smart phone in your network and wifi but have another less costly phone for texts and calls therefore no carrier. Don't you have to activate the smart phone?
    I appreciate this information and look forward to more..
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    Pembrokeshire, South Wales, UK
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    I got the update for my Lumia 520 a couple of weeks ago, I'm in the UK, the only thing I can't get with the update at present is Cortana which it seems is only available in the US at present.

    I'm just a consumer not a developer and my phone is only the entry level phone but there were no problems with the update. It told me there was an update and it came in 2 parts, you had to install the first before getting the 2nd. Everything went without a hitch, there were a few restarts while it did its job but I now have Cyan installed with all it's new features, apart from Cortana.

    I'm happy I love my Lumia.
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Nokia Lumia Icon Windows 8.1

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