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Windows 8 Desktop UI - Change Title Text Color?

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    Windows 8 Desktop UI - Change Title Text Color?

    Anybody have any idea how to change the title text color on windows. The fact that it's always black makes it pretty useless on any dark colored theme... I would have thought they would have programmed this in. I thought wrong...

    imgur: the simple image sharer

    On vista/7 Aero put a 'glow' around the letters so it would always show, now that glow is gone, and dark themes are useless.
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    interesting, looks like MS forgot something. Wooppss.
    I can't find it either. Still searching.
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    Nope not yet, anyway. By the time of the public release in October hackers and customization utility publishers may have figured it out. Presumably Stardock's WindowsBlinds will present a version for 8 that solves this problem.

    The many features of Windows in version 8 that have been removed sometimes makes it seem as though Microsoft is deliberately sabotaging the Desktop in favor of Metro. Happily, for those who want them, the Start button is back (with nearly direct booting into the 'legacy' Desktop), as is Sidebar (64-bit version), Window border control, etc. In the end, even if Surface rules, we Desktop denizens will win. Be patient!
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    The color of items is located at the registry location below, and the data values use R G B binaries. For example: 0 0 0 = black, 255 255 255 = white

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\Colors

    The problem is that setting these values, log off/on or restarting, no longer seem to have any affect in Windows 8. Could be due to no Windows Classic theme in Windows 8??

    Click image for larger version Click image for larger version
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    Brink I read somewhere that those work under High Contrast Theme, i have not tested it though.
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    64-bit Windows 8.1 Enterprise (RTM)

    I tested it using High Contrast themes, and it doesn't seem to do anything either.
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    Been trying too with no avails.

    I think MS disabled the text color scheme as we can freely set the transparencies until the dark background allows the tittle text appear (with tiny bright shadows around the text).

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    windows 7

    You can try out this theme
    Nighthawk-F22 on deviantART
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    Win 8.1 Pro

    This is an at your own Risk tutorial
    Create a Restore Point

    Then, go here

    Dark theme for Windows8 RTM by ~Nighthawk-F22 on deviantART

    Then you will also need this,,

    Homepage M. Hoefs - Software

    Run the UXTheme Patcher

    Will patch the following files and append .backup to the originals...


    If you uninstall UXThemePatcher it is supposed to replace the original files back.

    Then try to copy the files from the Visual Style in the first link (I used Theme Without Thin White Inline Frame)

    And overwrite the files.

    If you have to take Ownership of the Themes folder, that is fine and then give Full Admin Rights to it and child objects.
    DO NOT TAKE OWNERSHIP OF THE SYSTEM32 FOLDER as a whole, or even your C: drive.
    ONLY the Themes folder.
    You have been warned.

    You may have to reboot a couple of times, Also, when you change themes the first time, Windows may freak out, but just reboot and it should be OK.
    Otherwise, you may have to do a restore and try again.
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Windows 8 Desktop UI - Change Title Text Color?
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