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ctrl+alt+ Application hotkeys

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    ctrl+alt+ Application hotkeys

    Since win 98 (thru win 7), I've used shortcut key combos to launch files, apps, whatever.

    My method was to create a folder called 'Desktop Shortcuts', place it in the Start Menu and populate it with shortcuts for which I created hotkeys (R click on shortcut, choose properties\Shortcut tab, click in 'Shortcut Key' field, press desired shortcut keys, i.e., ctrl +alt +x, alt +shift +x, etc.).

    This has worked well for me for many, many years. I must, however, be missing something in Win 8. The shortcut key field is still there, but what must one do to make the shortcut work?

    Perhaps I'm using the wrong search terms, but a google search only seems to turn up microsoft's baked in shortcuts.

    Thanks for any hwlp.


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    Maybe Logitech, AMD/NVIDIA or some other hotkey software is overriding?

    If you have ASUS board, maybe something from them.

    Another idea is a 3rd party start menu affecting, if you have installed.
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    Hi MasterChief. No start menus, not other hotkey software I'm aware of. It is an Asus laptop, though. But I surmise from your response that those type of custom hotkeys generally work in win 8? No secret dance to initiate the process?
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    Oh yes, a special dance indeed. I found that, as in previous windows versions, I had to place it in the start menu for the shortcuts to work (win 8 - C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Desktop Shortcuts). Glad to have the workaround, but I really find it hard to believe that, by now, MS hasn't taken this very practical function and made it easier to implement.

    Am I missing something? Is there an easier way to do this? Not that it's rocket science, but I think most people I know would be confused by the process I just detailed.
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ctrl+alt+ Application hotkeys

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