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Missing "Color and Appearance" Windows .. .

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    What did SFC say?

    Were you able to do what's in the note box below step 6 in Option One to see if SFC may be able to successfully finish afterwards?

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    sfc makes changes, just not affected the personalization & doesn't give details of changes either. concerning steps, ive read it again & theres nothing magic that i've missed, basically, i need to select a high contrast theme & select color, & there, i have the magic window im expecting, but mirosoft windows 8 proffesional is so magic apart from being a downgrade with its aptitude to force ppl to use glass everywhere & put grey bitmaps everywhere even on firefox.. it doesnt work here.
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    Sorry, but you lost me.

    Did SFC say "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations", it successfully repaired any files, or that it was unable to repair files?

    I'm not sure what you mean by "to force ppl to use glass everywhere". The only thing that uses glass transparency by default in Windows 8 is the taskbar on your desktop.

    I'm thinking that you may need to refresh or reset Windows 8.
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    it fixed things, is a translation of a more computer based standard term that i didn't save & i'm not going to restart an sfc to give u the exact term Brink, come on. win8 is shit, i only installed it by force because i need a more plug & play system then windows7 that is hard to undock & put in other computers for material reconfiguration. thats all, but theres NOTHING else that interests me in win8, only issues & useless bitmaps that heavies the system even more. the sfc get rids of personal registry settings, so i'm not going to do it again & switching "stupid new windows 8 themes" with a forced aero background that u pretend to not be present elsewhere than on the taskbar .. . > Is aero still alive ? even get read of my sound settings, so i decided to save it a sound profile in order to revert it. i'm trying to find a way to replace explorer, i'm sick of this.
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    if this goes like that, soon, new microsoft os's will force us to keep wings around desktop icons
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    It's been confirmed by many ppl online, microsoft removed that advanced appearances option in Windows 8 pro. do you know how i could change the background color of menus in Windows 8 through the registry Brink ? turn that grey to "white".
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    I think Microsoft may have misunderstood what you meant. Yes, the Advanced Appearance Settings like in Windows 7 has been removed in Windows 8.

    However, I'm running a Windows 8 Pro and a Windows 8.1 Pro, and I still have the Windows Color and Appearance options below when I have a "high contrast" theme selected and using step 7 below.

    Window Color and Appearance - Change in Windows 8

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    Like i told u Brink, i don't have any of those windows, can you do something to help me like, selecting "window background", then create a very specific color using the colorpad, copy the rgb value of it, apply it & try to locate the key in your registry ? so i could then change it directly in the registry, it seems that "window background" is the new name for "menu"
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    I know. I was just repeating that in reference to what you said Microsoft told you since I believe that they may have misunderstood what you meant.

    Since you don't have those options when you are using a high contrast theme, then you may need to refresh or reset Windows 8 since you should. It will not work with a custom or Windows Default (Aero) theme.

    You might see if using Method 2 at the link below may help with setting them in the registry, but they will still only work if use a high contrast theme.
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    reseting windows is losing 100 tweaks... a solution ? no, it's too invasive & would send me back to 3 months of settings. u forgot to add the link ur refering to in ur previous message Brink
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Missing "Color and Appearance" Windows .. .

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