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Making Date/Time always show on start screen?

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    Making Date/Time always show on start screen?

    I kind of like the start screen now that I've gotten rid of the clutter, but I *really* like to see the large Date/Time I can see when I bring up the Charms menu. However, that vanishes the minute I click on anything else and it doesn't come up by default.

    Is there a way I can pin this to the start screen? (I tried a search but couldn't find anything short of pressing Windows-C which isn't what I want).

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    I like having a large date/time on the Start screen also. To get it, I just turned to one of the free date/time apps in the store. Think I'm using mclock.
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    Well, I hadn't thought of apps but I don't see any that run on the screen the way the built-in clock does -- they either run fullscreen or in a tile (and I kind of hate the tiles -- isn't there any way to make a tile transparent?).

    So I'm guessing the answer is I can't do what I want -- maybe in the next release of Win 8 (it seems a shame they have this great clock display that you can't fix to your start screen, though -- even in Win 7 you can have the date and time fixed to your taskbar).
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Making Date/Time always show on start screen?

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