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"This is the future!"

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    "This is the future!"

    A quote by someone I know who got a Wacom Bamboo tablet to use with Photoshop...

    Anyways, I found some interesting stuff from Microsoft when I was trying to find the Windows Phone TellMe notification sounds.

    This one is REAL interesting as this centers around natural speech input for command and search. Also interesting is the metro UI design of Windows Phone and the tablet that was used... This one was pretty neat because at a recent event from Microsoft centered around natural speech command and input, particularly in Excel where you could tell it to add certain things from certain columns and kind of extrapolate and manipulate table data, ALL by natural voice input. They also showed improvements with speech search with Bing and the network/server side improvements.

    This video I found fascinating, a Microsoft video depicting 2019's technology (more like 2029 AT LEAST) and more importantly, user interface design. Notice how there is NO window chrome, all centered around the content. I believe the eye candy shouldn't be the little window wrapping on a Desktop, it should be the ACTUAL content itself within that window. I really liked the UI design, and how it revolves around the NUI, or Natural User Interface of speech, touch, and motion gesturing. REALLY FREAKING NEAT. And guess what recent development(s) from Microsoft are pushing that centric design? Windows 8. Xbox with Kinect. Windows Phone. Office 2013. The best part I loved about this was in the office scenario where you can literally drag content from one seemingly different PC with touch (gesture I think as well) and drag it down to what looked it to be the tablet. So cool! NFC technology perhaps?

    This is the future!

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    The second video touched me. I shared it with all my friends and family. It's really a video that deserves to be spread thoroughly.

    Thanks for posting !

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    Yeah, that second video was the 'Productivity Future Vision (2009)' video. The 'Productivity Future Vision (2011)' video is here (note the Google Glass type glasses at the beginning).

    Productivity Future Vision (2011) - YouTube
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    Very cool !
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    Very very very cool video's there!!! I think this has a high StarTrek level ==> I like that . Computers that understand etc. and communicate via voice and touch.

    Let's see what the future will bring for us. In about 20 years we will know!
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    Very cool, but where are the keyboards and mice?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Very cool, but where are the keyboards and mice?
    Presumably the same place the power sources are.
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    The sterility of the surroundings is striking.

    Interesting to see it, though.

    They aren't showing anything approaching real work, of course, just pretend like jolly meetings and presentations.

    I didn't notice any builders - perhaps they will be extinct in MS re imagined fantasy land.
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    They didn't show a Start button? But they did show the suicide doors back in style!
    Having grown up in 50's & 60's with adding machines that were limited to adding/subtracting one item at a time only emerge into calculators. I believe these videos aren't far off.
    I loved going to the museum and using the phones of the future. Sitting in one spot so that both people could see who they were talking to. The setups were also big & bulky compared to what we have today. But it all starts out big & bulky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    The sterility of the surroundings is striking. Interesting to see it, though. They aren't showing anything approaching real work, of course, just pretend like jolly meetings and presentations. I didn't notice any builders - perhaps they will be extinct in MS re imagined fantasy land.
    I agree with you there. None of these technologies can happen without programming code.
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