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    I really like gadgets, but I think it's getting to point where having a bag for various gadgets will become the norm. I don't believe in that. I don't like having all these gadgets everywhere, I just want a few devices that do everything I need them to.

    For example, instead of having a dedicated boobtube TV with a digital converter box, I'll be consolidating that into a TV tuner card for my desktop PC. Instead of buying an Xbox 360 to only use it for a few games, I'll be buying a working used one, strip it down, and consolidate it into my desktop PC. Instead of having a separate sound system for say my Windows Phone, or PC, I have my stereo from like 1992 still working and running providing me sound on my desktop as well as being my alarm clock (don't even own one of those) or a radio if needed. I think I may need to replace it as it seems it's starting to poop itself, sad day. Instead of having a dedicated DVD player, I have one on my desktop PC. Basically, if it's some type of media device, most likely it's either already integrated into my PC or I'm planning on doing so with my next build. I might even use Skype when I'm on my PC to call people...

    Then there's my Windows Phone, that's replaced the need for a digital camera among many other things. A Lumia 920 will DEFINITELY be a great upgrade to have!

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    I admit my Smartphone has replaced my camera these days, it takes great shots. OK I don't have the sort of gadgets that a lot of you have mentioned, my TV is the old style CRT with a DVD player, VHD player and the Sky box connected to it I do watch TV but not that often and only on the TV not the PC.

    I do have a couple of Nintendo consoles, I do like the Professor Layton games, at least I don't need a bag to carry controls I don't go anywhere so the only thing I need to carry is the Smartphone on the odd occasions I do go out.
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