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BSOD crashes with Steam/Valve Games

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    BSOD crashes with Steam/Valve Games

    Hello all,

    I am recently getting BSOD's when i play steam games like, Gary's mod - Team fortress 2.

    These 2 are the one i currently tried.
    I play other steam games like, Block 'n Load and Path of Exile.
    I also play World Of Warcraft - Diablo3 - Rise Of Nations, And I never get BSOD crashes with them.

    I never had this problem before until I downloaded steam again,
    I also searched the internet for an answer and updated my Graphics card and it did not help.

    * Computer Specs ( dont know some of them )

    Computer: Asus notebook K75VJ

    Proccesor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.40 GHz

    RAM: 8 GB

    System: 64 Bit
    (This is all I know)

    Will post the memory Dump also if I know how to open it because it says "Access Denied"

    Hope anyone had the same problem and did fix it.

    Greetings, Valtru

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    My, that could be anything. do you know if Asus has any diagnostic software? like to test your ram and cpu and motherboard? go to Asus website and search your model or search for diagnostic programs/software from Asus to test your ram,motherboard,video card..

    start with those.. blue screen of deaths are a thing of the past with me and i have not seen one since at-least 2 years ago..
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    for example, here is one


    I'm sure it's some conflict of software/driver though. you probably have installed things a few times over.. like reinstalling steam etc. right? how much stuff do you have on your computer? if it's easy to backup and you don't care about reinstalling all your games/software, you may wanna try the clean reinstall route as then if you get BSOD after a clean install and using your software/games, you know it's a hardware problem..
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    I never had problems with it until i reinstaled my pc [Removed all files etc] and download steam.. so could the problem be that a file is missing in steam itself that is causing the problem ? Ill try ReInstaling steam maybe it works ill let u know later.

    And the games i currently have on my pc are: Rise of nations Gold, Diablo 3 and Conquer online 2.0
    Greetings, Valtru
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    sure try uninstalling steam and reinstalling, but that really shouldn't be causing BSOD.. things like (video card/ram messing up causes BSOD and others of course.)

    If you did already Reinstall your PC "removed all files" and you are getting BSOD's, that's not a good sign for early warnings..
    after a Clean reinstall of windows if you are getting BSOD's 1 or 2 things.

    1. windows installed improperly- can mess up, (cd skips etc. usb-miscopies etc..)

    2. it is a "hardware" issue and you have something wrong internally (connections -wires/motherboard/ram/power psu/bios etc.. )

    when you Reinstalled, did you do something along these lines?
    Clean Install - Windows 8
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    Windows 8

    Problem solved i geus i reinstalled Steam played Garysmod and had no problem with it,
    gona let this post open for when it does it again in this week
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BSOD crashes with Steam/Valve Games

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