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    Windows 8.1


    Hi all,

    3 months ago I purchased Asus VivoBook S551LB-CJ046H, running Windows 8.1 64-Bit.
    When I turn my laptop on Standby modus and boot the laptop, it says: "DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE".
    And when I turn my laptop on it takes 7 minutes to boot.
    I use a program to check my drivers and it says: "Drivers are already up-to-date".

    The SFdebugFiles .Zip file:
    Attachment 53947

    Please help!

    ~ iiCrackMYLaptop
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    I see that your CPU might be overclocked. Please reset the CPU clock back to stock by using BIOS. Also, remove or update all of the drivers highlighted in red.
    ASMMAP64.sys Thu Jul 2 11:13:26 2009 (4A4C7A36)  
    LENOVO ATK Hotkey ATK0101 ACPI UTILITY (also found in Asus systems) 
    AiCharger.sys  Fri Sep 23 04:04:40 2011 (4E7BE938) 
    Asus Charger Driver [br]  Likely BSOD cause - haven't seen recently (15Jan2013) 
    kbfiltr.sys Thu Aug 2 05:22:22  2012 (5019F26E) 
    kbfiltr.sys - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as  of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information  is needed. 
    btath_lwflt.sys Fri Nov 2 06:35:44 2012 (50935BB0)  
    Atheros Bluetooth Driver 
    btath_hcrp.sys Tue Dec 18  10:54:54 2012 (50D03D6E) 
    Atheros Bluetooth Driver 
    btath_bus.sys Mon Jan 21  10:18:42 2013 (50FD07F2) 
    Atheros BlueTooth driver 
    vstor2-mntapi20-shared.sys Fri  Feb 22 12:27:11 2013 (5127560F) 
    vstor2-mntapi20-shared.sys - this driver hasn't been added  to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if  additional information is needed. 
    vmci.sys Sat May 18 03:19:18  2013 (5196D716) 
    btath_rcp.sys Fri Jun 21 11:11:54  2013 (51C418DA) 
    Atheros Bluetooth Driver 
    atkwmiacpi64.sys Tue Jul 2  10:35:32 2013 (51D290D4) 
    ATK WMIACPI Utility 
    plctrl.sys Thu Jul 11  05:23:44 2013 (51DE2540) 
    ASUS Power Level Control Driver 
    VMNET.SYS Thu Jul 18 21:42:50 2013  (51E8453A) 
    VMware Virtual Network Driver 
    vmnetadapter.sys Thu Jul 18 21:43:00  2013 (51E84544) 
    VMware virtual network adapter driver 
    vmnetbridge.sys Thu Jul 18  21:43:47 2013 (51E84573) 
    VMware bridge driver 
    iwdbus.sys Thu Jul 25 03:06:12  2013 (51F07A04) 
    Intel WIDI Bus Enumerator driver[br]Related to Intel Widi -  Wireless Display 
    vsock.sys Thu Aug 1 04:46:10 2013  (51F9CBF2) 
    VMware vSockets Service 
    iaStorA.sys Fri Aug 2 03:39:52 2013  (51FB0DE8) 
    Intel RST (Rapid Storage Technology) driver 
    dump_iaStorA.sys Fri Aug 2  03:39:52 2013 (51FB0DE8) 
    driver created to provide disk access during crash  dump file generation 
    athwbx.sys Fri Aug 16  05:13:28 2013 (520D98D8) 
    Qualcomm Atheros AR9485WB-EG Wireless Network  Adapter (Version: is the first one after the release of Win8.1) [br]  [br] Although I do not recommend drivers from places other than the  manufacturer's website - this is the exception to that rule. Please scan with an  anti-virus before opening any file that you download from the  internet.[br][br]Also the driver for Qualcomm Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless  Network Adapter & likely others as well. 
    intelppm.sys Thu Aug 22 10:46:35  2013 (5215CFEB) 
    Intel Processor driver 
    btath_avdt.sys Fri Aug 23  05:43:41 2013 (5216DA6D) 
    Atheros Bluetooth AVDT driver 
    btath_flt.sys Fri Aug 23  05:46:29 2013 (5216DB15) 
    Atheros Bluetooth Driver 
    btath_a2dp.sys Tue Sep 3  12:03:36 2013 (5225B3F8) 
    Atheros Bluetooth Driver 
    igdkmd64.sys Tue Sep 17  02:08:54 2013 (52379D96) 
    Intel Graphics driver 
    DptfDevDram.sys Wed Sep 18  07:14:34 2013 (523936BA) 
    Intel(R) Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework  Memory Participant Driver 
    DptfDevPch.sys Wed Sep 18  07:14:34 2013 (523936BA) 
    Intel(R) Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework PCH  Participant Driver 
    DptfDevProc.sys Wed Sep 18  07:14:37 2013 (523936BD) 
    Intel(R) Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework  Processor Participant Driver 
    DptfManager.sys Wed Sep 18  07:14:40 2013 (523936C0) 
    Intel(R) Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework  Manager Driver 
    mfencbdc01.sys Fri Sep 20  18:34:53 2013 (523C792D) 
    McAfee Anti-Malware Core driver 
    excfs.sys Mon Oct 7 21:24:53  2013 (52530A85) 
    Diskeeper/ExpressCache (OEM) driver 
    excsd.sys Mon Oct 7 21:24:56 2013  (52530A88) 
    Diskeeper/ExpressCache (OEM) driver 
    AsHIDSwitch64.sys Tue Oct 8 03:45:17  2013 (525363AD) 
    HID driver for ASUS Wireless Radio Control 
    hcmon.sys Wed Oct 9 17:03:51  2013 (52557057) 
    VMware USB monitor 
    vmnetuserif.sys Fri Oct 18 20:19:38  2013 (52617BBA) 
    VMware network application interface driver 
    vmx86.sys Fri Oct 18 21:34:39  2013 (52618D4F) 
    VMware Virtualization Driver 
    nvlddmkm.sys Wed Oct 23 08:21:50  2013 (52676AFE) 
    nVidia Video drivers 
    nvpciflt.sys Wed Oct 23 08:22:31  2013 (52676B27) 
    nVidia 3D Vision Display driver 
    btfilter.sys Thu Oct 24 11:40:59  2013 (5268EB2B) 
    Atheros Bluetooth Driver 
    AsusTP.sys Thu Oct 31 06:57:06  2013 (5271F132) 
    Asis transformer pad filter driver 
    TeeDriverx64.sys Wed Nov 27  18:56:32 2013 (52963250) 
    Intel Management Engine Interface driver 
    RtsUVStor.sys Thu Mar 27  04:04:35 2014 (53339543) 
    Realtek Semiconductor Corp USB Mass Storage  Driver[br] 
    RTKVHD64.sys Wed May 14 12:28:52  2014 (53734564) 
    Realtek High Definition Audio Function Driver 
    mfehidk.sys Fri Jun 13 18:28:09  2014 (539B2699) 
    McAfee Host Intrusion Detection Link Driver 
    mfehidk01.sys Fri Jun 13 18:28:09  2014 (539B2699) 
    McAfee unknown driver 
    mfewfpk.sys Fri Jun 13 18:28:21  2014 (539B26A5) 
    mfeapfk.sys Fri Jun 13 18:28:47  2014 (539B26BF) 
    mfeavfk.sys Fri Jun 13 18:29:02  2014 (539B26CE) 
    McAfee Anti-Virus File System Filter Driver 
    mfeavfk01.sys Fri Jun 13 18:29:02  2014 (539B26CE) 
    McAfee Firewall Total Protection 2010 
    mfefirek.sys Fri Jun 13 18:30:21  2014 (539B271D) 
    cfwids.sys Fri Jun 13 18:30:46  2014 (539B2736) 
    Rt630x64.sys Wed Jul 16 04:56:14  2014 (53C5E9CE) 
    Realtek PCI/PCIe Adapters 
    mfencbdc.sys Wed Aug 20 17:01:10  2014 (53F4B836) 
    McAfee Event driver 
    mfencbdc02.sys Wed Aug 20  17:01:10 2014 (53F4B836) 
    McAfee Anti-Malware Core driver 
    Debug session time: Mon  Nov 17 05:58:19.574 2014 (UTC + 1:00) 
    Loading Dump File  [C:\Users\Mihael\SysnativeBSODApps\111714-153140-01.dmp] 
    Built by:  9600.17328.amd64fre.winblue_r3.140827-1500 
    System Uptime: 0 days 6:20:37.400  
    *** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for iaStorA.sys 
    *** ERROR:  Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for iaStorA.sys  
    Probably caused by : iaStorA.sys 
    BugCheck 9F, {3, ffffe000af6db060,  ffffd000a5d73960, ffffe000b15ff710} 
    BugCheck Info: DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE  (9f) 
    Bugcheck code 0000009F 
    Arg1: 0000000000000003, A  device object has been blocking an Irp for too long a time 
    Arg2:  ffffe000af6db060, Physical Device Object of the stack 
    Arg3:  ffffd000a5d73960, nt!TRIAGE_9F_POWER on Win7 and higher, otherwise the  Functional Device Object of the stack 
    Arg4: ffffe000b15ff710, The blocked  IRP 
    PROCESS_NAME: System 
    MaxSpeed: 1800 
    CurrentSpeed: 2394  
    Processor may be overclocked! 
    Expected Frequency: 1800 
    Actual  Frequency: 2394 
    Overclock Ratio: 1.33  
    BiosVersion = S551LB.209 
    BiosReleaseDate = 01/23/2014  
    SystemManufacturer = ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. 
    SystemProductName = S551LB
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    Windows 8.1

    I tried to get the ATK Driver from Asus support.
    I installed it and didnt work.
    AICharger is'nt for my laptop they said.

    Description of the ATK Driver: ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities.
    Update: 2013.12.17

    Tried to instal but it didnt work

    Please help!

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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Remove the installed one.
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    Windows 8.1

    Can i also use the Asus one of ATK?
    And is Asus USB Charger the "AiCharger.sys"?

    And i cant undo my "overclocking" because my laptop do it automatic.
    Do i need to reset my BIOS, i dont know how i do that.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Remove that ATK. Yes it is, remove it. Oh, I see. OK, then. Update your Intel Rapid Storage Driver as well.
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    Windows 8.1

    i need the asus ATK? what do i need i then. witch ATK do i install?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    First remove it, don't install any new version, and update Intel RS Driver. Report back after having done all of that.
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    Windows 8.1

    Delete ATK done
    Install intel RS Driver done

    do i need more?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Use the computer and see if it still crashes. If it does, remove the Asus USB Charger, and see if it makes any difference). I would recommend removing it since it's a known BSOD causer.
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