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BSOD waking from sleep & startup hanging

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    Windows 8.1

    And I'm back!

    Hey Usasma, hope you're well!

    Basically, laptop was fine for a few days and tbh when it's on it is still ok running. But, it's lost the ability to wake up after sleep and i have to hard reboot/it reboots itself. Also im back to consistently 3minute boot times. Also, what to make of this:

    'The speed of processor 3 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report.'<---events log shows this happen 6 at a time

    Sooooo.... I read that chipset drivers could be an issue... How could I look into this?

    Graphic card driver could be an issue too so same as above?

    Here's the thing: All the problems started when I installed (licensed) Adobe Creative Cloud and download their programs. The system started all this mess then and i wasnt able to restore to before the install. I did manage to uninstall everything, I ran a Adobe cleaner tool too. Is there any way of identifying on that date (17th and 19th of feb) what changes were made that cause this problem? And repeated file errors (scannow afgter being clean last week has now identified problems but cannot fix)

    Also, would it be worth trying this? 'Clean Boot Windows 8.1As said before, the issue can be cause of any third party program/app preventing system from waking/starting up. In the Clean Boot State, apps/programs are disabled. Therefore, starting Windows in a Clean Boot State would help you determine if it is because of any third party app. If the problem does not persist in clean boot state, it confirms any of your program is causing the issue. Consider the following method to clean boot in Windows 8.1:'

    Many thanks Usasma!

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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    It's not uncommon to have issues remaining once you've fixed a BSOD problem. Most often (IMO) it's because there was a combination of things contributing to the BSOD's. Then you fixed the most critical portion - which left the less critical portion to cause problems (most often are "hangs", sleep/hibernation issues, and video problems).

    'The speed of processor 3 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report.'<---events log shows this happen 6 at a time
    My past research on this showed me that it could be BIOS/UEFI; or it could be one of the many different utilities (especially Intel utilities). I suspect that there's 6 of them because you have 6 cores running on your processor (but haven't looked it up).
    Also, the BSOD's show that the processor is functioning at it's rated speed (2.4 gHz)

    As for updating, the best thing is to update ALL drivers that were involved in the BSOD that dated from before the release of Win8.1 (26 Oct 2013). Here's the post where I listed those drivers: BSOD waking from sleep & startup hanging

    As for the recent problem, the easiest thing (IMO again) is to use System Restore to set your system back to a point before you installed the Adobe stuff. You can identify the date by going back in the Application and System log files (in Event Viewer) and look for errors there.

    Clean Booting is an excellent troubleshooting tool. Simply put, if the problem goes away when you clean boot - then the problem is due to one of things that's no longer loading in clean boot. The problem here is nailing it down to which thing/things is causing it.
    And, if the problem remains, then it's either hardware or Windows that's causing it. Finally, remember that there are some 3rd party drivers that will continue to load - and this will complicate any analysis of the results.

    In Summary:
    My thoughts are that the driver updates are the most important thing here (and you must be certain that they are Win8.1 compatible).
    Update chipset and video drivers, then work on each of the other drivers listed in the BSOD.
    IMO the most important things there are the Intel stuff, then the bluetooth, followed by the rest of the drivers.
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BSOD waking from sleep & startup hanging

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