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Updated from W7 to W8 - crashing continues

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    Updated from W7 to W8 - crashing continues


    First I like to apologize my bad English but here I go.

    I have some mysterious problem with my computer.

    I had some BSOD's with my older GPU(Ati HD4670 1GB)/W7 but few weeks ago I updated my GPU with Asus HD7870 2GB and crashing with games has increased a lot. Several times a day and temperatures ain't so high that you could say that is the problem. CPU is somewhere around 60 degrees celcius and GPU 80 at most. I bought the Direct CU II model so cooler should be proper.

    I tried to update different drivers and yet I get random crashes. I tested my HDD with HD Tune and it was fine. I ain't good with .dmp files so I think you guys could give me a hand. Crashing occurs mostly with gaming and under a heavy stress. Sometimes you can play like 30 mins or more but sometimes ain't taking even that much time.

    Now I have fresh install of Windows 8 (less than a week ) and same thing. It happens only with games so I think you can find some ideas from .dmp file.
    Google'd some solutions but any of them have worked for me. I think that my now 4 years old power (LC-Power 420W V2.0) might be giving up under better GPU. I dunno.

    If someone could check this dump file and other content from my .zip file. Thank You!

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    Please wait for an experienced BSOD debugger.

    Its probably your PSU not able to be coping, as this has happened on both W7 and W8. But maybe the GPU as the temperatures are so high.

    Please follow this:

    • Update all drivers, even your motherboard drivers, video card drivers. DO NOT UPDATE BIOS!!!
    • Run memtest86+.
    • In cmd prompt, enter "sfc /scannow" and "chkdsc".
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    Windows 8

    Thanks for the reply.
    I'd like to try new PSU but I don't have a spare. Need to ask if someone would lend one for testing.
    I have newed all my drivers first in w7 and now in fresh w8 installation even motherboard and WLAN-card.
    That's the funny part, but maybe .dmp file tells us something I haven't noticed.
    I'll try those test tomorrow, now I have to take some rest. No BSOD's todays gaming session, but one crashing with Saints Row 3.
    It might be with those RAM's but then I think crashing might come more randomly like surfing on Internet etc.
    I can try add some extra fans in case to cool my GPU, but crashes won't come necessarily with high temps.
    I'll report later what memtest shows. Here is the result from HD Tune at my OS disk
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    Windows 8

    So.. Yesterday I made bootable USB-drive from memtest and I kept it running more than 30 hour and gain more than 500 errors.
    I have 4x2 GB DDR2 and with my knowledge I couldn't identify which module gave those errors.
    I took some pics with my Nikon and I could post them here also, if someone is interested of them.
    I try now with only one module at the time so I can identify which gives those errors. So far 3 of 4 had passed the test. (It took only 20-30 mins and memtest says "*****Pass complete no errors. Press ESC to exit.*****" and when I press ESC computer restarts.) Yet memtest keeps running new tests if I don't let it boot. Don't really know what I should to do.
    I'll put the last module now and let that stay there for a while and report results later.

    It might be with my motherboard if errors comes only with all modules installed at the same time. I guess.
    Hope someone checks that .dmp file also. It might tell something.
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    Windows 8 Home Premium 64bit

    Your RAM is corrupted. All you can do it buy a new piece of RAM. You may have to upgrade your motherboard because DDR2 is now outdated since DDR3 is out.

    Remove the bad stick and use it like that till you can afford an upgrade.
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    Windows 8

    I have now finished the last module's testing and also with that "Pass complete no errors."
    It might be with one of the DDR module ports or something else with the motherboard.
    Or should run longer individual tests with all modules.
    All four modules came with that text (Pass complete...) and last one runned tests almost 10 hrs straight. (but three first only ~30 min each.)

    If you think I have a bad memory module could you tell how I find it?
    I could try 2 or 3 at the time and keep playing or something but still I might get wrong diagnosis.
    But all those 500+ errors does not come without reason, don't yet know what that might be.

    Thank Lewes from all your time, I'll try some how find out the bad module.
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    Windows 8 Home Premium 64bit

    Plug one stick of RAM into the desktop machine.
    If you have a laptop, I cannot help, you will need to contact the manufacturer.

    Run memtest86+ with only one stick of RAM in, and see if it works.
    If one stick of RAM does not work, remove it and run windows. Does it still happen? If so, reply here.
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    Windows 8

    English aint' my native language but as I say above, I did the first test with all modules, the one with those errors.
    After that 30 hrs long test I booted my machine and then kept only one module on its place. Then new test and after 30 mins or something like that memtest said "Pass complete no errors. Press ESC to continue." and then I replaced the first with another one and repeated that 3 times so I got all four modules tested individually and none of them have errors with test. So all 4 modules, no errors and tried them all in the same place.

    It is confusing because after that passing message memtest still keeps running more tests and the text stayed there. Haven't used memtest so much that could say it is relly done or should I wait longer.
    However the first test with all modules in a place showed never that passing message (maybe becouse all those errors ) it kept testing and finding all those errors until I got bored and booted.
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    Windows 8 Home Premium 64bit


    It may be this then:

    - Motherboard
    - Video card

    Try updating the drivers for both.
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    Windows 8

    Newest drivers for P5QL PRO motherboard are mostly from 2009 and for chipset I searched Intel's website and found drivers which are also from 2009. With w7 I installed all drivers which I found and with w8 also used those newest what I found.
    For my HD7870 I installed catalyst version 13.1 and still had crashes.

    I'll try later today play something if it still crahses, haven't changed nothing but those memory modules might be in different order.
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Updated from W7 to W8 - crashing continues

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