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Is there a part of Windows that controls logins?

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    Windows 8.1 update 1

    Is there a part of Windows that controls logins?

    I ask because I seem to have problems registering to a new forum and using the username and password to login.

    All older logins work as usual.

    Just wondering if there is a part of Windows which controls logins and it might be corrupted for new registrations?

    Or could it have something to do with my browser (Firefox 29.0.1) and something is corrupted in that?


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    Could you describe the problem? What exactly doesn't go as expected?
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    Windows 8.1 update 1

    This has happened over the last week.

    I've created a new account with:

    TV Reviews ? Best LED LCD, 3D Plasma & Smart TVs and could not login into the main website, but managed to login into the mobile version of the website (there was a button to click at the bottom of the main website page to go to the mobile version).
    Once logged into the mobile version I could switch back to the full version of the website and carry on as usual, which is a bit weird.

    Created an account with Digital-Inn, logged in but it didn't show that I was logged in, but then looking at the bottom of the page it was showing me as the newest member, but I couldn't post anything as it came up that I was not logged in.

    Created an account with another website and it's the same problem, can't login.
    All I got was:
    'That username/password was not found or is inactive. Please try again.'

    What is going on? Is it just a coincidence that it is all going wrong at the same time?
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    Windows 8.0 x64

    You may have some malware. I would first try IE to log in. If that doesn't work either, then try a scan with MBAM.

    The free version scan just the same as the pro.
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    Many sites will act like this if you disable 3rd party cookies. How this is done depends on the browser you are using. If you have them disabled, try re-enabling them to see if that fixes it. If it does, you can create an exception for that site or just live with being tracked.
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    Windows 8.0 x64

    One thing I remember doing in Chromium was setting it to accept cookies. Then I would clean out all the crap cookies and keep the ones that remember login. Then in the browser I would change the setting to accept cookies for session only. It would delete all new cookies but not my login ones, on close.

    It took a bit of doing to look through cookies with a viewer or watch which ones got written when logging in. But eventually I got my favorite forums to remember login without resorting to LastPass.
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    Windows 8.1 update 1

    It must have been a coincidence because today I could login to these sites.
    There could have been a problem with their servers perhaps?
    Thanks anyway for your thoughts.
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Is there a part of Windows that controls logins?

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