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Windows 8 email- distribution lists

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    windows 8

    Windows 8 email- distribution lists

    Is it possible to set up distribution lists with the email that comes with Windows 8?

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    Do you mean transfer email contacts from elsewhere? Or do you mean can you set up a list of email addresses on Win8? Your Mail (email) service on Win8 is tied in with your People app. If you fill out details on your People app of individuals, (including their email addresses), when you tap/click the person's name that will put you straight through to your email service. Open your People app, select Settings>Accounts>Add an account>Select which email acct.& fill in all the details reqrd.
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    windows 8

    Was actually looking for a way to name a group (Alumini), place all people in that group so when you choose Alumni all those people get the email.
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    Have the same problem as Benton.
    I have made several mailing lists in my Hotmail account.
    They are not visible in the People app and I cannot address them in the Mail app of Windows 8.

    When I open the same hotmail account through the website, there is no problem.

    Who can help?
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    I haven't tried to set up a single group list of email addresses. I had one with my old XP but that transferred ok to Win8 along with all my other single contacts.
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    Windows 8

    Would like to resurrect this question, please.
    Using W8 / mail app / people app, how do I create a contact or person that will send to a group of people:
    To: TeamList
    TeamList "translates" to and and and

    One name or word, send to N recipients.

    In the GMail web app, it's a contact list... in Outlook, it's a Distribution List. What do I build in W8/Mail/People to achieve this result?

    Thanks much.
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    Windows 8

    So far, what I've tried...

    Using Windows 8, mail app connected to gmail ID, using W8 Mail app and W8 People app.
    Have tried to create a new Person: 3kids, and in the email box when editing that person/contact, typed in:;;
    Save, no error reported.

    Within People app, with the 3kids displayed, I can click sucessfully on "send email to this contact." No error when I later click "send."

    But if I instead compose a new email, and put "3kids" into the "to:" line, the translation will work, but when I click on Send, it will fail with an error on the translation.
    I can then click on the addressee line, edit, save ... and that will now work.

    So the question - how to compose a note to a group, use a contact/dist list for that group, using W8 mail and people apps?

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    Hello, kfosull. Welcome to Windows EightForums.

    One cannot perform "Groups" within the People app as of yet. However, if you sign into your account online, you can create a group there within the "People" section (upper left) to email as a Group. I experimented to see if a Group shows up in the People app to no avail.

    MS is continuing to improve these apps by adding more options. I'm thinking they will include Groups in the app in the near future.

    I hope that helps you.
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    Windows 8

    Thanks very much.

    I've landed on creating a "faux" group in the People App, and if I want to send a note to that group/distribution list, I must select that person/contact within the People App, and click "send email." For the group, I used 8kids: the email ID's go in the email field, separated by semicolons. I don't know if there's an upper limit to the characters in that field -- certainly 8 email ID's fit.

    Note, I'm looking for the most straightforward approach, since this is really for my 83-year old mother's use of email to her 8 children. She's transitioning now from Windows XP and Yahoo! email to a new PC, Windows 8, metro tiles, mail app, people app, new printer, etc. It's hard to find a good answer to her perfectly reasonable question, "why can't I just type 8kids in the To: line?"

    So this new approach satisfies the "send a new email to all the kids" capability. Not sure what I'll do for "forward a note to all the kids..."!

    Anyhow, thanks very much.
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    You're welcome. Wow! That's quite a transition from XP to 8! It was a little bit for me coming from 7, but after a few weeks I began to see where MS was heading with this system. I quite like it, although they have a ways to go with Store apps. I've been using 8 since Release Preview. They do keep adding options to the apps as time goes on. They are becoming quite sophisticated.

    You most likely know, but to be sure > The "Share" in the Charms Bar of any app is helpful. If one highlights text or right clicks on a pic within an email or app, one can share that with other apps. So if she wants to "forward a note to all the kids..." simply highlight the text, press Share in Charms, and pick the "faux" group within the People app for emailing.
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Windows 8 email- distribution lists

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